Is Islam a Feminist Religion?

Short answer: No, Islam is not a feminist religion. There are more and more women who are trying to convince us Islam is feminist. Their logic seems to be they’re feminist, they’re Muslim, therefore Islam is a feminist religion. But as we all know, correlation doesn’t equal causation. In my opinion, these women are trying to convince themselves as much as anyone else. The latest attempt... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 8 September 2017

Despite how it may seem from these daily posts, I don’t spend that much time looking at tweets, or on Twitter. There was a time when I did spend a lot of time there engaging with other users, but that’s not the case anymore. Mostly, I got sick of all the nastiness there. I got very little attention from the bad ones personally. However, being an outspoken atheist means personal attacks are an... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 7 September 2017

Well, I’ve got even less time than yesterday to look for tweets. I won’t bore you with another tale of the woes of my life. Suffice to say, things aren’t ideal right now. However, I’m very, very lucky that I was born in this country, especially as a woman. Despite all the stuff that’s wrong, I actually have a better life than the majority of people on this planet.... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 6 September 2017

I don’t have time to do many tweets today. Here’s the story. At 2 am this morning I was woken by extremely loud thunder that went on for ages. I was very tired, but I didn’t get back to sleep for several hours. Then this morning I got a phone call. For the third time in a week some a$$ho£€ was trying to scam me. Usually I play a game when they phone up. I see how long before I can keep... read more

Simon’s Cat: Two New Videos

I’m still getting used to doing posts every day, and things are very behind. As a result Simon’s Cat hasn’t been making it onto the website as quickly as it should. In fact, I’m not quite sure how or why, but there’s also a Simon’s Cat from June that didn’t make it onto Heather’s Homilies either! I was away at the time it came out, so maybe that explains it.... read more

Our Planet: Atacama Desert

Once again, Martin Heck has done a great job in showcasing our planet on film. He’s back in Chile again, this time in the Atacama Desert. It’s been a while since we had a post in the Our Planet Series. In fact, the last one was back in January. However, this was worth the wait. As Heck comments on the YouTube page for this video, “[t]he Atacama desert is home to the darkest and cleanest... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 5 September 2017

I’m looking for a new name for this daily offering than “Top Tweets”. I want to reflect that there’s a current events comment here too. If any of you can think of something, let me know. I said I’d write about the North Korea crisis today, but it’s such a complex issue it’ll take a lot more than my daily comment to get through it. Here’s a summary though.... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 4 September 2017

I should be writing about North Korea. I haven’t even included any tweets about that. Maybe tomorrow. Today I’m going into homily mode. It’ll probably piss some of you off. There’s a tweet in today’s Political Tweets section about the blow-back GOP politicians are facing in relation to healthcare when they go home. My comment asks why politicians can’t get together for... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 3 September 2017

I’ve used a lot of  my own tweets again today. Every few days I go through the US political cartoons, most of which are together on one Facebook page. I then post the ones I like on Twitter, which can be up to thirty at a time. So, there are a lot more than those here, but I don’t want to put too much stuff about politics in my tweets posts. I want the tweets posts to be mostly about the nicer... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 2 September 2017

Reader Nicky asked me yesterday whether these daily tweets posts were going to be a regular thing. I haven’t decided for sure yet. I’ve kept them going for almost a month now, but there are several things to think about. On the one hand they’ve been good for getting me into the habit of writing something every day. I’m developing a routine, and writing my opening comments are... read more

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