Huge Crack in Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica Grows

Today, the Washington Post reports the Antarctic ice shelf crack has grown by almost ten kilometres (six miles) in the last two weeks. Another extension of almost eighteen kilometres (11 miles) was also reported in the last two weeks of December. It’s now more than 160 kilometres (100 miles) long. The map below shows that the rift runs parallel with the sea-edge of the shelf. The gap between the top... read more

Betsy DeVos Doesn’t Inspire Confidence in the Future of US Education

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Trump’s nomination of Betsy DeVos for Education Secretary. I concluded K-12 education in the United States was going to get worse. (K = kindergarten; 12 = year 12.) DeVos’s confirmation hearing occurred this week, and I’m now even more concerned about the situation in that country than before. Full questioning of DeVos was prevented by the Republican... read more

Our Planet: Norway

I regularly post the time lapse films by Martin Heck of TimeStorm films, but somehow I missed this one. He released it back it December 2015 after a trip to Norway, and, as always it’s stunning. Heck describes the filming thus: Norway 8K shows the wild landscapes of Norway in ultra high resolution. From the coastal peaks of the Lofoten and Senja Islands to the fjords and highlands of southern Norway... read more

Why Trump’s Tax Cuts Probably Won’t Create the Jobs He Promises

Donald Trump has been telling everyone that he’s going to cut business taxes to 15% and make up the reduction in federal income by introducing a consumption tax. According to him, this will kick start the US economy and bring back well-paid jobs. He has support for his plan in the Republican House and Senate, so it’s likely to happen in some form. Trickle-Down Economics The Trump formula, at... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: Why Do Cats like Hunting?

Simon’s Cat Logic published a new video on 20 December and it’s another good one. It’s about why cats like hunting, and includes a couple of new animation sequences. There’s a lovely segment in which Simon’s Cat attempts to catch a squirrel while the squirrel mocks him. Simon also talks about one of the cats he had as a child. For those that don’t know, this year Simon... read more

The Israeli Settlements

This morning I started writing a post about how Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been outraging me lately. The tipping point came with his call for the pardon of an Israeli soldier who killed an incapacitated Palestinian terrorist. The military’s moral example in convicting the soldier of manslaughter was ruined by the reaction of their prime minister. However, the post got very... read more

Putin’s Russia

2016 has been Putin’s year. He has succeeded in much of what he wants. He tells himself it’s about Making Russia Great Again. In reality, it’s about Putin himself. The Russian people are suffering and because of Putin, so are millions of others. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Putin and Russia Putin has been the face of Russia since 2000. Since then, he has... read more

Just To Let You Know I Survived Christmas

Actually, I mostly had a good time. On 23 December I flew to Christchurch, and did all the traditional holiday stuff down there. The tree was surrounded by dozens of gifts; most were for the kids, but there were some for me too! We did a few touristy things, and it didn’t rain. My nieces and nephews had a fabulous time together, which was great. New Zealanders may recognize three of the kids from... read more

Impeach Trump

Reader and attorney Ann German has had IMPEACH PUSSY GRABBER bumper stickers (see below) printed. In you live in or near Missoula you may see this vehicle, belonging to a friend of Ann’s. He’s apparently happy to have his number plate in the picture too, but blurring the numbers is the printer’s policy, hence the grey blob on the number plate.     The printer, Northern Sun,... read more

Trying to Make the Hijab a Feminist Statement

Many of you will have read Jerry Coyne’s post at Why Evolution is True yesterday: ‘Hijab hijinks at Harvard‘. It refers to an article in the Harvard Gazette, ‘Islamic studies scholar addresses myths and mores behind the veil‘. That article is about a talk by academic and Muslin, Celine Ibrahim. As described by Jerry, and I have to agree, it’s another move in the... read more

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