Simon’s Cat: Easter Extravaganza – Hop It

We have a lovely new video from Simon’s Cat for Easter in which Simon’s Cat tries to catch a bunny. He finally does nab it, but I’ll leave you to see for yourself whether he exhibits typical cat behaviour. Simon’s Cat: Eggsactly What You Need!     Simon Paints: Easter Regular readers will have already seen this in my last ‘Easter for Atheists‘ post. However,... read more

Easter for Atheists

As we all know, Easter is a time that Christians all over the world mourn the death and celebrate the resurrection of their saviour, Jesus Christ. Outside their holy scripture, the Bible, there are no indications of the existence of Jesus. Even in the Bible, things are pretty confusing. Christians with tell you there are no contradictions in the Bible, but there are literally hundreds. Many of these apply... read more

Sad News: John Clarke alias Fred Dagg has Died

Any Kiwi who remembers the 1970s and 1980s will have a soft spot in their heart for Fred Dagg, real name John Clarke. He was certainly a favourite of mine and I was sad when he went to Australia. Now, at only 68, we’ve lost this wonderful man forever. According to, John Clarke was hiking in the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia, on Sunday when he died of natural causes.... read more

Third Month Mania: The Winner – Donald Trump’s Greatest Tweet of All Time

I was away so I didn’t get a post out on the final, but these were the competing tweets: Versus   Those were my two choice from the semi-final, so that pleases me! As I was away I didn’t vote in the final, and I’m not sure which tweet I would have voted for. It’s a tough choice! I think I might have gone with the “gross incompetence” tweet. As I’ve said... read more

The Cancellation of Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Trip to Australia and New Zealand

joint post by Jerry Coyne and Heather Hastie   New Zealand is dealing with the tail-end of Cyclone Debbie at the moment. (It made a huge mess of north-west Australia recently.) There’s very heavy rain all across the North Island and the north of the South Island. Several places are receiving a month’s worth of rain in just a couple of days. Normally, this wouldn’t have much effect... read more

Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day was yesterday in New Zealand, but the rest of the world is only just catching up hence the delay. This video wasn’t available yesterday! So here’s Simon fooling his cat with a red laser pointer: Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day     Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Why Do Cat’s Have Crazy Time?’ This is another in the Simon’s Cat Logic... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Does Your Cat Bring You Gifts?’

This episode of Simon’s Cat Logic, where cat expert Nicky Trevorrow explains cats’ hunting behaviour, came out back in  December. However, I don’t remember ever seeing it; I just hope it’s not early onset Alzheimer’s! Or maybe the internet has given me “crazy cat lady” psychosis even though I don’t own a cat! Anyway, here it is: Simon’s Cat:... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets, and Third Month Mania: Semi-Final

We have the division winners and now the semi-final is upon us in Third Month Mania. You have two days to get your vote in before the final match up. Update: New Tweet .@roywoodjr and @hasanminhaj discuss The Flagrant Four in our tournament to decide the greatest Trump tweet. Vote! — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) March 30, 2017 Division Winners The... read more

In Which I Sit in Judgment: Pat Robertson is EVIL

In the past I have taken little notice of Pat Robertson. I largely write him off as a kook, or laugh at his extreme pronouncements. Last week I thought it was a great joke to post the first video below from him. Once again, here was evidence of my opinion that he’s a complete fool. Pat Robertson Prediction: The GOP Health Bill Will Pass Right Wing Watch has this to say about Robertson’s... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and Third Month Mania: Round Four

The next round of Third Month Mania is upon us. The Tonight Show didn’t make a video for it so I didn’t get an e-mail alert. Therefore I’m late to the party and there’re only a few hours left to get your votes in. Each bracket now only has one match-up left. Celebrities Division I chose the Bette Midler tweet here. It’s classic Trump – saying he’s not saying... read more

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