Jordanian MP: It’s Best for Society for Rape Victims to Marry their Rapist

Many people in this world still have extremely backward attitudes relating to women, and rape is a topic on which they expose themselves. For most of them it’s a product of their upbringing. They’ve often never had exposure to different opinions. But, there’s no excuse for the attitudes Jordanian MP Mahmoud Al-Kharabshe (aka Mahmoud Kharabsheh). He’s intelligent (a lawyer) and... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: Is Your Cat Talking to You?

There’s a new episode in the Simon’s Cat Logic series: ‘Is Your Cat Talking to You?’. I like this episode very much as it actually answers questions definitively that people have about their cats. It also answers a question that came up for me just yesterday when stroking my mother’s cat. She (Mum’s cat) got on her side, exposing her belly to me, but Mum said she... read more

New Zealand’s Stone Weta – Genuine Cryogenics

The Mountain Stone Weta is the subject of the fourth release in a row from BBC Earth relating to New Zealand. They’re on quite a roll when it comes to short clips about my country, which I’m loving of course. There are more than seventy species of weta in New Zealand, some more common than others. According to Wikipedia, they belong to the families Anostostomatidae and Rhaphidophoridae, though... read more

The Carniverous Giant Powelliphanta Snail

Nobody loves me Everybody hates me I’m going down the garden to eat worms … That’s the children’s poem that came to mind when I saw this video. It’s of Powelliphanta snail, a rare giant snail that’s native to New Zealand. The Powelliphanta snail is carniverous, and mostly eats worms – “sucking them down like spaghetti”. They also eat slugs from time to... read more

Kiwi Courtship – The Female Takes Charge

BBC Earth has done it again – given us another wonderful video of native New Zealand fauna. A couple of days ago there was a special video of Tuatara hatching. This time it’s the brown kiwi. The kiwi of course is the endangered flightless bird New Zealanders get their nickname from. We also gave the name to a fruit – the Chinese gooseberry (genus – actinidia). Given anti-Chinese... read more

Russian Orthodox Church Values Are Now the Values of All Russia – and the US Right Too!

There are two threads to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s disruption of Western democracies. One is to make sure that democratic government as a political system appears unstable. Thus, he makes it seem like countries are better off with some form of totalitarian government such as he represents. Putin has been pushing this idea throughout the countries of the former Soviet bloc for some time. A... read more

Amazing Video: Hatching Tuatara

I subscribe to BBC Earth on YouTube, which never disappoints in its offerings. Today the selection was especially exciting – video of hatching tuatara from inside the burrow. Tuatara, of course, can only be found in New Zealand, and are the last living dinosaur. (Note: There is no “s” in Maori. All nouns are both singular and plural.) I saw an adult tuatara in real life about ten years... read more

Another Imam Justifying FGM

A couple of months ago I wrote a post: Making Excuses for Islam and FGM. Although the post was a general one about the issue of FGM worldwide, the inspiration came from the arrest of three doctors in Detroit. One of them, Dr Jumana Nagarwala, was initially facing charges of performing FGM on two girls. The other two were Dr Fakhruddin Attar and his wife Farida Attar. They were allegedly allowing the FGM... read more

Simon’s Cat: Copy Cat and Boxes 2

Another new Simon’s Cat video came out today. Simon Tofield seems to be upping production it’s the second one in two days. There was also one a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t  get around to putting up. Both the latest videos have the kitten, which is always a bonus. 🙂 First, today’s video. Simon’s Cat: Copy Cat     Simon’s Cat: Boxes 2 The second video came... read more

Trump has Exceeded Himself in Stupidity

The recent meeting of the G7 in Sicily saw Donald Trump lose what little respect other world leaders had left for him. Today’s announcement that he was withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Accord was in effect his confirmation that he was resigning as world leader. In his first speech to Congress on 28 March Trump said: My administration wants to work with members in both parties … to... read more

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