Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day was yesterday in New Zealand, but the rest of the world is only just catching up hence the delay. This video wasn’t available yesterday! So here’s Simon fooling his cat with a red laser pointer: Simon’s Cat: April Fool’s Day     Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Why Do Cat’s Have Crazy Time?’ This is another in the Simon’s Cat Logic... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: ‘Does Your Cat Bring You Gifts?’

This episode of Simon’s Cat Logic, where cat expert Nicky Trevorrow explains cats’ hunting behaviour, came out back in  December. However, I don’t remember ever seeing it; I just hope it’s not early onset Alzheimer’s! Or maybe the internet has given me “crazy cat lady” psychosis even though I don’t own a cat! Anyway, here it is: Simon’s Cat:... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets, and Third Month Mania: Semi-Final

We have the division winners and now the semi-final is upon us in Third Month Mania. You have two days to get your vote in before the final match up. Update: New Tweet .@roywoodjr and @hasanminhaj discuss The Flagrant Four in our tournament to decide the greatest Trump tweet. Vote! — The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) March 30, 2017 Division Winners The... read more

In Which I Sit in Judgment: Pat Robertson is EVIL

In the past I have taken little notice of Pat Robertson. I largely write him off as a kook, or laugh at his extreme pronouncements. Last week I thought it was a great joke to post the first video below from him. Once again, here was evidence of my opinion that he’s a complete fool. Pat Robertson Prediction: The GOP Health Bill Will Pass Right Wing Watch has this to say about Robertson’s... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and Third Month Mania: Round Four

The next round of Third Month Mania is upon us. The Tonight Show didn’t make a video for it so I didn’t get an e-mail alert. Therefore I’m late to the party and there’re only a few hours left to get your votes in. Each bracket now only has one match-up left. Celebrities Division I chose the Bette Midler tweet here. It’s classic Trump – saying he’s not saying... read more

Simon’s Cat: Camouflage Challenge and Comments on American Health Care

What a combination! I should probably be opining on the fate of the American Health Care Bill. However, it’s getting wall to wall coverage on every news channel and you’re probably sick of it already. Of course, my opinion is that its failure is the best result. A Quinnipiac poll that came out a couple of days ago put the Bill’s approval at only 17%. The disapproval rating was a massive... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round Three

  We’re down to the last sixteen tweets in Third Month Mania people! This competition is getting ever more exciting. There were half a million votes in round one but by the end of round two the total was five million. The Washington Post has even come up with their own version. It puts quotes from President Trump and members of his administration since his inauguration up against each other.... read more

Boycott American Women …

No, those aren’t my words, they’re click bait! Every day I delete multiple comments trying to get onto the website. Most are trying to sell viagra, football jerseys, or some form of sex. Quite a few I can’t read because they’re in Russian or a character language I don’t recognize. Some are trying to attract readers to their own websites. That’s where the “Boycott... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round Two

Last week I posted Round One on this important event – finding Donald Trump’s winning tweet from all 36,000 ever written. However, only today President Trump came out with new missives that are right up there with the best. Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes….. — Donald J. Trump... read more

Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date

It’s a gorgeous day in New Zealand. There’s not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky, and the temperature and humidity are just right. Just the sort of day that reminds me how lucky I am to be born here whatever else is wrong with my life. 🙂 This is also the sort of day where writing about all the appalling things going on in the world seems wrong. Prompted by the ignorant comments of president... read more

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