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Heather’s Homilies on Facebook

I have to apologize to you all because it’s been so long since I’ve put anything on the website. For those who are on Facebook, there is a Heather’s Homilies Facebook page. On a reasonably regular basis I post news stories there along with a short commentary of my own. I know it’s not much, but at least it lets you know I still exist. I hope I can rely on you all to continue to be... read more

The Auto-Fill and Reply Button Problems

A reader brought up the issue of the failure of auto-fill for some people on WordPress on my last post. It’s an issue I have myself, but was too lazy to do anything about it. However, it is a pain in the neck, and as it’s affecting someone else I thought I should make the effort to check it out. I asked Martin Fuller of Build Business about it, who deals with all the technical stuff for me. It... read more

Simon’s Cat: A Christmas Update

Simon’s Cat is one of the features of the website that’s fallen by the wayside a bit. Life has got in the way, and, of course, I’m still learning what I want to do with this website. When I began just over three years ago, I didn’t think I’d be writing so much about the US for example. But then I didn’t think its people could revert to a president like Trump after one... read more

“A New Era of Observational Astronomy”

Those of you who are on Facebook and ‘Like’ the Heather’s Homilies Facebook page will know I post the regular updates or ESO Casts from  the European Southern Observatory (ESO) there, usually after Amy Carparelli has reminded me they’re available by posting them on Twitter. Their latest episode is about a new reflecting telescope they’ve just contracted to be built near the... read more