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WTF is Wrong with the USA? (plus Tweets)

One of the first things I do most mornings is check out Jerry Coyne’s website: Why Evolution is True. Yesterday, it was afternoon before I got to it. The first post I saw was this one: ‘The Apocalypse is here: Pennsylvania church to hold ceremony blessing AR-15s, nearby school to close during the blessing‘. I didn’t get any further. I need more hedgehogs, otters, octopuses, and Cat... read more

More on Gun Safety in the USA (plus Tweets)

As all presidents do after a major school shooting, President Trump has been saying he will make changes. No one seems to believe him though. As a result of that, you’ll find a tweet in the “Political Tweets” section that shows his approval rating is at a new low. At the moment, the phrase “Gun Safety in the USA” is a bit of an oxymoron. The more I find out about the subject,... read more

Are Guns in Schools a Good Idea? (plus Tweets)

The tweets of President Trump, the NRA, and many others are once again saying that what schools need is armed guards. Stoneman Douglas High School had a “Resource Officer.” He did nothing during the massacre. He was seen standing outside while there was firing going in inside. His job was to intervene in such situations. He did not. He has apparently resigned. This is the problem with these... read more

More Mass Murder of Children in the US (plus Tweets)

Seventeen children are dead in Florida and Trump tweets that it’s the FBI’s fault because they were too busy trying to find evidence he was colluding with Russia during the election campaign. WTF is wrong with this man? He went to Florida and met with the families of two of the victims for 35 minutes. Then he had a photo op with some of the first responders (which took longer), then he went to... read more

6 Oct 2017: Daily Homily (Gun Control) and Tweets

After I (finally) finished yesterday’s tweets post, I watched ‘The Five’ on Fox News. (I’d recorded it earlier.) Their first segment was about President Trump’s remarks during his visit to Las Vegas. They played his remarks, and they were good. He read them well, and he sounded sincere.  Trump usually sounds fine when he sticks to the script that others give him. (Personally,... read more