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The Relationship between the Crusades and Pilgrimage in Medieval Europe

  The Crusades carried out by Western Christendom in the Middle East (there were also Christian crusades within Europe) during the Middle Ages continue to cast a blight over the relationship between the West and the Muslim world to this day. Armies from the West are routinely labelled as crusaders, linking them with the atrocities carried by those soldiers from hundreds of years ago in their... read more

New Zealand Women: Jean Batten

This article is the first in an occasional series I will be writing on New Zealand women. Shortly, there will be a new page on my website, New Zealand Women, celebrating some of the amazing, or just well-known, women New Zealand has produced. I’m currently populating it with short bios of the women I will eventually write longer articles on from time to time. Batten, Jane Gardner aka Batten, Jean... read more

World War One and the Churches of Europe

It’s 100 years since the start of the First World War. From New Zealand’s point of view, the Great War started at 2300 GMT on 4 August 2014 when Great Britain declared war on Germany. As part of the British Empire, that meant we were at war too. My grandfather volunteered and trained in rural Otago before being shipped to Egypt to fight. Later he was transferred to the Western Front and fought from the... read more