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17 Oct 2017: Homily (NZ Coalitions) and Daily Tweets

It’s been a couple of days, so I thought it was about time I did a tweets post. I’ve been partly writing a “proper” post, and partly taking time off. Spoiler Alert: the “proper” post is about the Iran Nuclear deal, which I support. It’s mostly written, and I know what the rest is going to say. However, I’m not up to writing today, so it’s on the... read more

8 Oct 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets

I’m happy to report that the New Zealand All Blacks won again! They played the South African Springboks in the early hours of this morning. This was the last game of “The Investec Rugby Championship” competition for both teams for this year. The All Blacks got through without losing a game and won the competition. (The other two teams in the competition are Australia and Argentina. They... read more

The Loss of the Maori Party

I’m a bit late with the topic of the loss of the Maori Party from parliament but it’s one that’s important to me, so I want to get my thoughts on record. One of the biggest topics of discussion following our election on the weekend was how voters in the Maori electorates cast their votes for Labour again. As a result, the Maori Party is out of parliament for the first time time its... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 23 September 2017

I’ve been back home for three days now but I’ve been feeling ghastly and wasn’t really up to tweets. I probably could’ve done it, but that would have meant a delay in my recovery and I had to be well again by today. Why? It’s election day in New Zealand and I’ve never missed voting since I became eligible in 1984. I think voting is really important and everyone should... read more

Has Winston Peters Finally Lost It?

I’ve spent a lot of time lauding New Zealand’s election system on this site. One or two have found that pretty annoying, and I don’t care; I stand by my comments. It’s called MMP, which stands for Mixed Member Proportional. Here’s how it works: This video explains it slightly differently: Someone who calls himself “Soliloquy” did an analysis of the last United... read more

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