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Making Excuses for Islam and FGM

Across the world, around 200 million women and girls in thirty countries are the victims of female genital mutilation (FGM). Most of them become victims of the practice before they are old enough to object. A majority of the victims are Muslim but likewise, a majority of Muslims don’t practice FGM. However, within those Muslim communities that carry it out, it is seen as part of the religion. A... read more

The Cutting Tradition: A Film About FGM

I’ve spent most of the day watching videos about female genital mutilation (FGM), also known as female circumcision or female genital cutting (FGC), as preparation for a post I plan to do about the topic. I found one particularly good video I want to share with you now. It was commissioned back in 2012 by the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (FIGO) and produced by a group... read more

African Servals Get A Second Chance

African Servals (Leptailurus serval) are beautiful cats and extremely successful hunters, which are currently doing well on most of the African continent. However, because of habitat loss and poaching, their numbers are declining in South Africa and they are extinct in the southern part of the country. Therefore a wild life sanctuary there has been working on rescuing the cats and later returning them to... read more

Winner of the Week – 18 October 2015: REST, Namibia

Yesterday I got this great video from Amy Carparelli (@AmyAmylou1993) on Twitter. It’s about the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) in Namibia and the work they’re doing with the pangolin or scaly anteater. If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see some of the other excellent work they’re doing as well, most recently with Beatrice the aardvark, who has injuries... read more

Winner of the Week – 11 October 2015: Guinea, Sierra Leone & Liberia Free of Ebola

Fantastic news! Neither Guinea, Sierra Leone nor Liberia has had any new Ebola cases for almost two weeks. This is the second time Liberia has been declared disease-free, but they had a flare-up in June which set them back. Now though, it looks like they’ve finally got the all clear. As it stands now: Liberia: No new cases for more than 42 days, and thus officially free from Ebola. Sierra Leone: No... read more

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