Seventeen children are dead in Florida and Trump tweets that it’s the FBI’s fault because they were too busy trying to find evidence he was colluding with Russia during the election campaign. WTF is wrong with this man?

He went to Florida and met with the families of two of the victims for 35 minutes. Then he had a photo op with some of the first responders (which took longer), then he went to play golf at Mar-a-lago. Maybe no one else wanted to meet him and he was doing the right thing by not subjecting any others to his presence. If no one else wanted a presidential visit, it’s no surprise.

The US federal government continue to fail their citizens when it comes to gun safety, whichever party is in power. While the Democratic party is better on this issue than the Republicans, there are enough Democratic representatives that vote with the Republicans on this issue that it means nothing ever changes.

Every time someone suggests something that could help, opponents say that it wouldn’t stop ALL shootings and therefore it’s a waste of time.

For goodness sake! NOTHING will stop ALL shootings, but if it stops even one child from being murdered, surely that’s good?

There are things that are legal in the US in relation to guns that boggle the minds of those of us in the rest of the world. Rules vary state by state, but some examples are:

  • there do not have to be background checks for all sales;
  • people do not have to report it to the police if a gun is lost or stolen;
  • guns do not have to be stored securely, even if there are children in the house;
  • you’re allowed to keep guns loaded at all times;
  • gun owners who get a criminal conviction do not have their guns taken off them (except in California);
  • people on the no-fly list are allowed to buy guns.
  • doctors are not allowed to ask the parents of child patients about guns in the house;
  • the CDC are not funded to investigate deaths where guns are involved.


Most of us blame the prevalence of guns in the US for the problem of gun deaths there. But, it’s not the only issue. The other is the intersection of money and politics. To run for office, especially state or national office, it takes huge amounts of money and politicians want all they can get. The NRA and other gun rights groups spend a lot of money supporting politicians. If politicians don’t vote the way those groups want, they lose a lot of financial support.

In New Zealand, one of the biggest sponsors of sports at all levels used to be tobacco companies. When that was made illegal, the government created a fund called SmokeFree. One of the things it did in the first few years while sporting organisations were searching for new sources of sponsorship was to financially support those who lost tobacco company money.

Perhaps gun safety groups could consider doing something like that. They could donate to political campaigns that refused to accept money from gun rights groups. At the same time, they could rate politicians in the same way that gun rights groups do now, except that the ratings would be for promoting gun safety.

Thoughts and prayers don’t cut it. It’s action that’s required, and it’s time politicians did something about the number of people dying unnecessarily in their country because a few people imagine the government is coming to get them one day.

Meme: Paul Ryan quote anti-gun safety


Healthcare Tweets

I’m putting these two tweets first because the issue is too important, and I don’t want anyone to miss them. They could also be in the Human Rights or Religious Tweets sections of course.
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Political Tweets

Yes, I know it’s an exaggeration, but I think it’s funny!


During the Obama Administration, the GOP would not approve tax cuts because they might increase the deficit. Now that they include cuts for the rich, and will increase the deficit, they’re all for them.


There are a lot of details to look out for in this cartoon by Michael D’Antuono.


A few facts on the situation of the US Embassy in London.


I guess they’re the “right sort of people?”
(Via Ann German.)


Jacob Zuma has resigned as president of South Africa. His approval rating was at an all time low (25%, and that was last year), and commentators say it’s only the historic popularity of the ANC that keeps it from dropping further. Onward and upwards South Africa with Cyril Ramaphosa!

???? Give me hope Ramaphosa … ????


Mueller Time Tweets

Good read.
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Although I’m not yet convinced that Trump personally colluded with the Russians, I do think others, lead by Paul Manafort, did. This may uncover that.
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It’s called “gaslighting” and I’m glad Trump’s latest attempt at it is being exposed.
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Bears repeating …
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Human Rights Tweets

Another brave woman in Iran. The government has miscalculated. The arrest of the girl waving her white hijab in the air has encouraged and inspired other women. They created a martyr.


The attitude of the men in the Trump Administration towards the issue of spousal abuse is appalling. Here are some tweets I posted about the issue:



Record numbers of women are seeking help from Emily’s List in their bid for political office.


I’ve posted this before, but it’s so cool, here we go again …
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Gun Safety Tweets: Florida Murders

Student Emma Gonzalez said in her speech something I’ve said over and over again when I’ve written about this issue:

… this is not just a mental health issue. He would not have harmed that many students with a knife!

(Via Ann German.)


No kidding! (See my tweet below)
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Unbelievable! I suggested in a tweet to Ann German that those opposing better gun safety measures might start calling Parkland a false flag operation. If it happened, I certainly didn’t expect it to be this quickly, but she found this!


Gun Safety Tweets: General

Time to reprise this Mike Lukovich cartoon from 2012.


The original idea of the 2nd Amendment was that there would be no standing army and citizens would provide that function. Given that a large proportion of gun owners want their guns because they imagine they’ll be useful when the liberals in government move against them, I suspect they’re not interested in fighting for them.



Note that this was Re-tweeted 90 times, faved 70 times, and responded to 1.3 thousand times. I suspect most of the responses were similar to what I think: Un-effing-believable! And on the day of the Florida murders too!
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Even worse, kids as young as seven are selling tickets in the raffle! This is absolutely appalling! I don’t get how this disgraceful situation can even be legal. SMH
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Religion Tweets

I reckon if I was a believer I could make a case that this is what’s really happening …


Just sayin’ …


I posted this last time there was a school shooting, and I’ll post it next time too …


Fun Tweets

Let’s get on to some less serious stuff. Most of you have probably already seen this. I know I have. (The first time was on Fox News!!!) But it never gets old …
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Valentine’s Day Tweets

All this stuff came up long after the day was over in New Zealand, but some are still nice to see. This one actually looks like the pic was taken in New Zealand. I even feel like I recognize the background (Mt Pirongia from the south-east – almost). There was a rumour the Obamas were coming here. Perhaps it’s true?


Scenic Tweets

How cool is this! Another one for the bucket list …


Reptile Tweets

It’s throat moves!

Marine Tweets

Wow! Amazing! Beautiful! What do you need a god for when there are things like this in the real world?


Creepy-Crawlies Tweets

An excellent chart about Aussie spiders …
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Other Animals Tweets

I never tire of the baby elephants tweets.


So now you know!
(Via Jerry Coyne.)


As @CharlesPPierce pointed out when he shared this tweet, “We all need emergency wombats.”
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Bird Tweets

This is a wonderful story! Rescues are always cool, especially when there’s a parent and child involved.


Time to check the kakapo on the predator-free island of Whenua Hou again!




Dog Tweets

Awww! And so well behaved!


Cat Tweets

You can train a cat after all!


I wouldn’t mind finding these cuties in my jeans!


A cat family …


Don’t stop until the right number of kisses are given!


Did you ever see anything so gorgeous!!!


Or this?!


You get tired. You stop.


These snow leopard cubs are both cute AND gorgeous!
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