“A New Era of Observational Astronomy”

Those of you who are on Facebook and ‘Like’ the Heather’s Homilies Facebook page will know I post the regular updates or ESO Casts from  the European Southern Observatory (ESO) there, usually after Amy Carparelli has reminded me they’re available by posting them on Twitter.

Their latest episode is about a new reflecting telescope they’ve just contracted to be built near the current one. The new one will be known as the E-ELT, or European Extremely Large Telescope. It will be the biggest telescope ever in the world and enable even sharper images at a greater distance to be observed than ever before.

This telescope will enable more work to be done on studying planets surrounding distant stars and the conditions on them, the collapse of black holes, more about the origins and future of the universe, and much more.

4 Responses to ““A New Era of Observational Astronomy””

  1. Diane G. says:

    Far out! 😉

    Very cool vid. It’s so heartening to know that some humans are still compelled to take those next steps, seek further knowledge, conceive of and execute these fantastic feats of engineering, examine the universe! What a refreshing change from the political world.

    That Atacama Desert is pretty striking as well! I’m going to have to look into what sorts of life manage to survive there…

    • That’s what I like about it too Diane – despite all the awful things going on, here’s an example of people cooperating for the future of mankind and purely for knowledge.

  2. Ken says:

    Can’t wait to see these images.

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