This Twitter thread from “@Stonekettle” was brought to my attention by reader Ann German. It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen about Trump’s insistence that the US requires a southern border wall. It’s better than anything I could write about the situation and covers just about everything in relation to the actual wall. For that reason, I’m going to produce the whole thread below. This is a pretty lazy way to do a post, but I think you’ll agree that this thread is worth it.

Although it’s on Twitter, I suspect that even if Trump sees it, it might be too long for his attention span. However, I live in hope. But even then there’s the issue of him admitting he was wrong. That simply doesn’t happen. Every now and then it seems Trump may be about to see reason. The tweet about the steel slat wall was one such time. Then he faces questions from journalists and he’s back to insisting that a wall is the only solution.

(The flush left comments that are not part of tweets are mine.)


The Twitter Thread on the Wall






Trump and the West Bank Wall

Amongst Trump’s base of Evangelical Christians there is a deep religious fervour in relation to Israel. That’s not because of any admiration for Jews or aversion to anti-Semitism of course. It’s because of their belief in eschatology (End Times mythology). In particular, it’s the belief in the prophesized Battle of Armageddon before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. (Armageddon is at the foot of Mt Megiddo in Israel.) Possibly because of his relationship with the Evangelicals, Trump has begun referring to the Israeli-Palestinian wall as an example of one that works. That’s why it features in the thread.

















Two days later there were these additions.












The Politics of Fear

Tweet #26 says in part:

Those who profit from fear need somebody to blame.

It’s the easiest form of power, the simplest way to manipulate the rudest of minds. THEM. THEY’RE getting in. THEY’RE taking your jobs, raping, murdering, stealing YOUR democracy.

This is an extremely significant part of the whole strategy. We know that the whole “Build a Wall” chant was little more than a campaign strategy to get the crowds going. Even Trump got a surprise at how well it worked, and that was the main reason he kept it going.

Psychologically, the need for control is a big part of what makes a conservative. That is why it’s so often possible to play on fear of the other to get conservative votes. Statistically, there is little chance of someone in the US suffering because of an attack by an extremist Muslim. By comparison, they actually have far more to fear from an extremist Christian. However, many conservatives simply refuse to believe the statistics that tell them that. My point is, that’s why Trump’s ploy of making those trying to get into the US via the southern border something to fear is working.

Border security is important. But policy should be informed by data, not emotion, especially when the emotion comes from someone who appears to be emotionally unstable.


Cartoon: Trump persuading a voter he will pay for a southern border wall using emotion.



Cartoon: Trump with a wall in his mouth "That's a wall I wouldn't mind paying for."


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