I’m currently writing a post about the resignation of General Mattis and US Special Envoy Brett McGurk over Trump’s dreadful decision to withdraw US troops from Syria. However, it’s Christmas Eve in New Zealand and I still have a lot to do to prepare for tomorrow. Therefore I’m not going to get the post done. Further, it means it may be 2-3 days before I get back to it.

While I was searching for cartoons to populate my post, I found quite a few with a Christmas theme. So I thought I’d post them as it’s been so long since I did a post. I’ve also got a lot of Christmas cartoons in the tank, so i’m including some of them too. I hope you enjoy them!



First up, here’s one that may also make it into my Mattis/Syria post.



On Melania’s Christmas Display


The US Government Shutdown

In the rest of the developed world, this idea of shutting down the government is quite staggering. Not only does it not happen, it couldn’t happen. A shutdown of much of the government because Trump can’t get what he wants is frankly appalling. He wants to keep his signature campaign promise. However, one of the things that made that promise so appealing to his base was that they weren’t going to be paying for the wall:

Trump at his rallies: Who’s going to pay for the wall?
Cult: Mexico!
Trump: Who’s going to pay?
Cult: Mexico!!!

Of course, Mexico were never paying for it and now Trump needs funding from Congress.



The Border Wall with Mexico and Refugees to the US

One of the Republican tactics to try to stop refugees is cruelty. When you’re trying to escape from the sort of things many of these people are, this won’t work. It’s as if they get pleasure from torturing people. . .







There’s a GoFundMe campaign to fund Trump’s border wall. Apparently, it’s got more than US$6 million in it! Trump’s sheep really are like a cult.



GOP Healthcare Plan


The Multiple Investigations into Trump and Trump Entities




The Authoritarian Far-Left

When people first began being aware that there was a need to be more politically correct with their language, it was a good thing. We saw a lot of improvement in the way people spoke to one another. However, there is now an element on the far-left that is dominating the discourse. They are making things worse instead of better and causing strife wherever they go. The US and Great Britain appear to be suffering the most from this, but New Zealand hasn’t entirely escaped.



Christmas: General

Here’s a selection about Christmas from my collection.





An Atheist Christmas

Long-time subscribers will have seen many of these before.
























I’m looking forward to Christmas more than I have for a long time. I have nine people (and a cat) at my place for Christmas Day. Five more will be joining us by Skype for part of it, so the whole family will be together. (Mum, my three siblings and their spouses, six nieces and nephews, and me). Thankfully, most of the food is being bought/brought by others. I have three dishes to prepare myself – Mussel salad, Potatoes to Die For, and Boysenberry Ambrosia. As usual with my family, there will be enough food to keep us in leftovers for days. We’ll probably still be eating ham sandwiches at the end of January!

I’m going to be a bit of a wreck when it’s all over, but it’ll be worth it!

I’m sorry the offerings have been a bit slim over the last six months. I discovered at my last three-monthly check-up (a couple of weeks ago) it wasn’t just my back that was the problem. I won’t bore you with all the details. Suffice to say there is other stuff going on. However, diagnosis is 90% of the fix. (Well, it is when you have a decent health system anyway.) I’m much, much better as a result and I’m now mostly back to normal.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves over the Christmas season. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my efforts over the year, especially those who take part in the discussion in the comments. I really appreciate you all very much.

I’m hoping to get at least one of the two posts I’m currently writing out before the New Year, but if I don’t, all the best for a fabulous New Year too.


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