Third Month Mania is Back

You may remember this from last year. (See here, here, here, here, here, and here.) While the rest of the US is dealing with March Madness, on The Daily Show they have Third Month Mania.

March last year was a competition to find Donald Trump’s Greatest Tweet of All Time. Trump himself said, “Many people have said I’m the world’s greatest writer of 140 character sentences.”

There were a lot of Trump Tweets to choose from. It was hard just making the initial selection! In the end, the winner was this delectable example of irony:


This year we have the Bracket of Bullshit. The competition is split into two conferences – Donald Trump vs Everyone Else. Within each conference there are two divisions. To make your own votes, you can find this year’s Third Month Mania here.

Third Month Mania is fronted by Roy Wood Jr and Michael Kosta. Here’s their video introducing this year’s bracket.


Here’s how I voted.

Trump Conference: Division I

1. My choice here was Trump’s claim that his inauguration crowd was the biggest ever.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 1


2. Here my vote went to Global Warming. The Papadopoulos claim is probably greater bullshit. Howver, Trump’s failure to not only take NO action on Global Warming, but to reverse the actions of previous administrations, is more important.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 2


3. I gave my vote to the Visa Lottery Sham choice here. The reason is that Trump’s bullshit on this issue hurts so many people. His lies have consequences. His sheep believe him. I know there’s been a huge rise in anti-Semitic violence since the beginning of the Trump administration, and I’ve no doubt a check would find other minorities suffering similarly.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 3


4. I chose the lie about Comey losing his job because he was too tough on Hillary Clinton here. It’s outrageous that Trump would expect people to ever believe that, but of course some do.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 4


5. I can’t actually remember which one I chose here. (It was several hours ago.)

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 5


6. This time my choice was “Biggest Electoral Win Since Ronald Reagan.” Once again, it’s a lie that his sheep believe too. His sheep believe the second lie too, but many were already into that lie before Trump was spreading it. His ignorance though increases hostility to minorities, which of course is something a president shouldn’t be doing.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 6


7. Once again, I can’t recall my vote. The first lie is ridiculous, and I doubt even the sheep believe that one. The second shows both his lack of concern for the people of Puerto Rico, and not wanting to expose that he has no idea what to do. The people of Puerto Rico are still suffering – many still don’t have electricity six months later.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 7


8. I’m pretty sure I chose the Voter Fraud Conspiracy here. Millions were spent trying to find fraudulent votes that didn’t exist just because of a stupid tweet by Trump. The second choice was bullshit, but most knew it – I even heard Fox News correcting Trump on that one.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 8


Everyone Else Conference: Division I

9. My choice here was the Logan Paul Apology. Mental illness is an important issue that too many people don’t take seriously. People with mental illness are seen by some as weak, or dangerous, for example. Then for Paul to use someone’s death to promote his channel is appalling.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 9


10. The fake Roy Moore witness got my vote here. Project Veritas are a disgusting bunch of people, and it pleases me greatly that they got caught out trying to fool the Washington Post.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 10


11. As you can probably guess, the Harvey Weinstein apology got my vote here. I think the less we talk about Louise Linton the better. Ghastly woman.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 11


12. Once more, I can’t remember which one I gave my vote to. Probably Paul Ryan. The Rachel Maddow thing wasn’t so much bullshit as just effing stupid! What was she thinking? I also think that it was Trump himself who leaked that tax return, so she got sucked in by the Bullshiter-in-Chief, which is especially silly for such a smart woman.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 12


13. I can’t remember what I did here either. The whole Bitcoin thing is stupid in my opinion, but I have no time for Hannity either, so I suspect Hannity got the vote.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 12


14. Tom Brady was the winner for me here. I know the man is popular in the US, but I really don’t like him.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 13


15. Roy Moore is the winner here. Laura Ingraham is just a bit€h, pure and simple.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 15


16. The Crisis Actors conspiracy was my choice on this one, though there was so much publicity about it I’m hoping it didn’t catch on too much. Anyone who believes Justin Bieber is a “Latin King” is a couple of notes short of a stanza.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 16


Trump Conference: Division II

17. The “very fine people on both sides” statement got my vote. I suspect Trump believes that, so I’m not sure it’s proper bullshit – it’s just wrong. He probably knows what he said about his winery is bullshit, but I suspect the comment got lost in the rest of the noise.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 17


18. My choice here was the, “we’re the highest taxed country in the world” statement. Trump was nowhere near the first to say it – it’s a Republican talking point from way back. He was probably just repeating what he was told, didn’t check, and probably believes it. However, it’s a statement that’s been pi$$ing me off for years so I was glad to give it a vote. It won’t surprise me if most by far vote for the “No Chaos” tweet here.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 18


19. I’m pretty sure it was Trump’s TV habits I voted for here. That’s an outright lie and deserves a bullshit vote. He probably believes the Time magazine covers thing in his own mind. I’m sure he’s on the cover of most Time magazines he’s ever read!

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 19


20. Trump telling everyone the tax bill would be bad for him, “Believe me,” was where I was clicking my mouse. As for the families of fallen soldiers, I think even the sheep know that other presidents do the best they can.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 20


21. The CNN won’t show crowds, while CNN were actually panning over the crowd, was good for a laugh, but it was no one in the Trump campaign having any contact with Russia that got my click.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 21


22. I don’t see either of these as very important. I’m sure Trump believes that he would be a hero in a school shooting situation. We all like to think we’d do the right thing. Personally I doubt he would, but no one knows until the situation arises. Anyway, it got my tick because I’d forgotten about the Sweden thing, but I’ll probably remember the hero thing.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 21


23. My vote here went to Trump’s claim that he’d brought in the most legislation ever, even claiming to break Harry Truman’s record. Well, that’s sort of correct. He’s apparently done the least since Truman. The claim about Christmas is just ridiculous. It’s really annoying that he and his mates in the pussy-grabbing club like Bill O’Reilly continue to perpetuate this myth, but I didn’t want to give it my time. I suspect most people will go for the Christmas claim on this one though.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 23


24. Of course, the claim that Obama put a “tapp” on his phone was my choice on this one. The other is just another example of Trump’s ignorance, so isn’t even really bullshit.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 24


Everyone Else Conference: Division II

25. The Seth Rich conspiracy is awful, and it’s disgusting that Hannity continues to perpetuate it. I don’t even know who Bow Wow is, so could hardly send a vote his way!

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 25


26. I think of the Wells Fargo thing as outright fraud, and far worse than bullshit. As for Sean Hannity, in my mind he’s a bullshit merchant (as we call them in New Zealand) so this was an easy choice.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 26


27. Neither of these events was on my radar before Third Month Mania. Pelosi got the vote.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 27


28. My vote goes to Bill O’Reilly in this bracket because, well, it’s Bill O’Reilly. How stupid does he think we are?

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 28


29. Normally, my assumption would be that anything Alex Jones says is outrageous bullshit and I should vote for it. But FFS! The US ended slavery around the world and should get some credit? Carlson probably believes what he says, in this case anyway, and I’m quite sure Alex Jones knows everything he says is bullshit. However, slavery is too important an issue, and it’s still going on in dozens of countries including the US. So, Tucker Carlson got the vote.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 29


30. I don’t know who Mario Batali is. He’s not on my radar. I think the Hurricane Harvey shark was a great piece of bullshit, and it was good to have something fun to vote for.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 30


31. I think Ted Cruz was telling the truth here. It’s quite satisfying to be able to vote for Kevin Spacey. It also makes up for not being able to vote for Cruz!

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 31


32. I was torn on this one. The Mike Pence NFL walkout was outrageous. I was previously unaware of the situation relating to Cosmopolitan, which is completely disgusting. My assumption is they surely didn’t know the woman had cancer up front. I have no time for Mike Pence so voting for him was finishing on a high.

Daily Show Third Month Mania Vote 32


This is Round One, so there are a lot of match-ups to go through. Once again, here’s the link, so you can go and make your own choices. You’ve got four days!

In my text above, I’ve given them all a number so we all know which one you’re referring to. Let me know what you think. Where am I wrong? Where do you agree with me.

Most of all, have fun!


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36 Responses to “Third Month Mania is Back”

  1. HaggisForBrains says:

    The daily show video won’t load in the UK, but this link should take you to the brackets

  2. HaggisForBrains says:

    OK, here are my votes:

    1. Crowd
    2. Global warming
    3. Visa
    4. Hillary
    5. Wall
    6. Biggest win
    7. Puerto Rico
    8. Voter

    I’ve ignored the “Everything Else” brackets, since I’m not familiar enough with the issues.

    17. Fine people
    18. Tax
    19. TV
    20. Soldiers
    21. Russia
    22. Hero
    23. Legislation
    24. Obama

  3. Randall Schenck says:

    Third month mania is right up there with the theory – basketball in College is an amateur sport played by some pretending to attend college somewhere. The graduation rate is somewhere between zero and 50%. I mention this form of bullshit as the games start this week with some coming to the town I live in, Wichita, Kansas. They are pretty much nuts about this thing here.

    The mania game is slightly unfair because who can compete with the master bullshit artist – Trump. New material spews out daily and the sewer systems of the entire country are backed up with it. There is almost no contest when Hannity is in there because just a photo of him creates thoughts of bullshit that last as long as he is on the air.

    If I had to pick out one of Trump’s special servings it would be where he said, “I have only the best people.” But who knows, I am sure he will top that one soon.

    • Did I write about his staff turnover rate in his first year? I can’t remember. The previous high was Reagan at 17%. Trump was 34%. Two more yesterday. Tillerson plus someone who was fired and escorted off the premises by security – then immediately given a job at the Trump campaign!

      I agree about Hannity. He evokes immediate feelings of distrust regarding whatever he says. Can’t stand him! I used to watch him a bit as part of my efforts to listen to the other side, but it was just too much. He’s got worse and worse. Definitely one of those emboldened by Trump’s behaviour.

  4. Lee Knuth says:

    Thank goodness for the Daily Show and other comedians. They show more of the ridiculousness of this administration than other media.

  5. Nicky says:

    This is really too much to comment on all, just a small selection

    No 4 – Mr Comey, of course, wasn’t fired because of it, but should have been fired for it. His disclosure that Ms Clinton’s e-mail investigation was reopened, just a few days before the election, while failing to mention that Mr Trump was under investigation for his ‘Russian collusion’, was unconscionable and partisan (and probably instrumental in Ms Clinton’s eventual ‘loss’) .

    No 13 – If you look at Bitcoin’s graphs on a Log scale over the last few years, there is steady growth. It might not be 30 to 40 % for this coming year, it might be much less, but it might be even more. I disagree the whole crypto-currency thing is stupid, although there are always the grifters to be weary of. I think the crypto-currency model is great. I would bet a whole bitcoin that in a decade from now a majority of financial transactions will go via block-chain.

    No 22 – I do not think Mr Trump referring to a specific terrorist attack in Sweden (despite the “last night”). He might have been referring to the rape crisis in ‘feminist’ Sweden, due to ‘intersectionalist/multicultural/tolerant’ idiocy.

    No 24- La Grande Armee, was definitely and severely damaged by the cold. They may not all have literally have ‘frozen to death’, but many were, and the logistics of Napoleon’s army, especially during their strategic retreat, was severely damaged due to the cold. Does Berezina ring a bell? As a short-cut, Mr Trump’s ‘Froze to Death’ is not a totally inaccurate description. Quite accurate, in fact. And it was, well before Leipzig and Waterloo, the most important reason for the final defeat of Napoleon.

    • I’m with you on Comey. I never understood how he could do something so outrageously partisan so close to the election. I think he’s a big reason for Clinton’s loss. Even I began to think I might be wrong about her at that point. I can imagine it meant a lot of Democrats kept away from the polls.

      To expand a little on what I wrote re the Napoleon thing, I think Trump is remembering imperfectly something he was told. People take great delight in showing him up, but this wasn’t Bullshit, it wss just wrong. To me, bullshit is when you know you’re lying.

      I don’t really understand the whole crypto-ccurrency thing. I think you could be right about the future, and I should learn more about it. If you’ve got money to spare, it’s probably a good thing to get into. I haven’t, so I’d rather stick to things that are currently more reliable.

  6. Jenny Haniver says:

    I’d begun this response before any comments had been posted, then went to sleep and when I woke up, I found several, the most relevant here being the one from Randall Schenck. My comments: I can’t play this game — my mind has become so addled by all the crazy and alarming news, real and fake, that I fear it’s going to short out at any moment. Every day (sometimes all throughout the day), there are barrages of ludicrously destructive craziness initiated or abetted by Trump and his lackeys. (I can’t leave Putin out of this.) It’s already a mind-bending, neuron killing game trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the chaff has become as important as the wheat, frequently more important because of its destructive influence when believed. It’s not that I’m going to ignore Third Month Mania, I’m just not going to expend my sorely taxed brain to make a choice.

    Just in case readers of Heather’s Homilies haven’t yet read about this sad irony (coulda been worse), “A teacher who is also a reserve police officer trained in firearm use ‘accidentally’ discharged a gun Tuesday at Seaside High School in Monterey County, Calif., during a class devoted to public safety”

    • I’ve posted that article on Twitter and the HH Facebook page. It’s like the incident was designed to meet the criteria of all the of those of us who think arming teachers is a bad idea.

      I understand how you feel about the political situation in your country. One of the reasons I mostly write about the US and not my own country is because our politics mostly boring. However, it’s a boringness I have to say I’m proud of in many ways. It comes from things like high voter turnout of mostly knowledgeable voters, a fair electoral system, politicians who do what they say they will when they get in, and stable government.

      Trump and politicians like him have their admirers here. People would probably turn out to rallies by him as well, but not enough ever vote for those like him that they get anywhere near power. We’re very lucky.

      • Jenny Haniver says:

        You are indeed very lucky. I wish that I were in New Zealand, with its boring politics, hanging with the kakapos and watching this destructive insanity from afar. However, the reckless words that Trump flings and the reckless acts that he implements (even domestically) have dire global ramifications; more than global, they extend to outer space as well This despicable man and his minions will destroy everything (kakapos, hedgehogs, kiwis included — numbats, too) if something can’t be done. I can still laugh, albeit sardonically; and I have to pinch myself now and again to remember that this is reality, not a nightmare.

        • I still find it hard to believe so many believed he would make a good president. Tens of millions voted for him and as it stands, he’ll probably win a second term if he gets that far. And if the Mueller investigation finds him guilty of something, millions of his supporters won’t believe he’s guilty unless people like Sean Hannity, Judge Jenine, Rush Limbaugh, and the Fox & Friends co-hosts come out strongly saying so. Even then, there will be many who won’t accept it. From the start Trump’s campaign to sow distrust in the media and believe his lies has been working away.

          And yes, so much of what he does has global implications. Climate Change, an increase in nationalism and therefore protectionism and authoritarianism, increasing sectarianism, and more.

          The social and political climate of the world has been just like it was before the First World War for some time, and imo it’s only because a few recognise the lesson of history (especially Britain and Europe) that the lid hasn’t blown off the pressure cooker we’re in.

        • nicky says:

          Yes Jenny, I know that feeling, is this POTUS for real? Apparently yes, but it is hard to believe indeed.

  7. The article “Jenny Hannvier” refers to where a teacher who’s a reserve cop accidently shot his gun in a classroom made it into the latest Trevor Noah:

    • Randall Schenck says:

      Sorry but I must comment on this one. Note, the fellow who shot the semi-automatic hand gun in the class room was a trained police person. Not just some teacher with a bad idea. So this trained professional brought a gun into the classroom without permission, so he could teach safety to the kiddies. And later he repeated the most often heard excuse always used by someone who just did this. “Just trying to make sure the gun was not loaded”. Reminding all that it is people who shoot other people with guns and the only thing to insert is the word stupid.

  8. Randall Schenck says:

    The latest Trump BS story is hitting the news now. He told the leader of Canada that the U.S. has a deficit with Canada, as it does with just about everyone. He was told no, the U.S. is actually running a surplus with Canada. He would not believe it of course and sent people out to look and prove it. Later he admitted that he had just made it up. Just another day in his world.

    • Which, among other things, makes it clear he’s not seeking proper briefings. Not only should he have known that, he should know what goods are traded between the two countries, their percentages, the major companies involved, and so much more. He wants to negotiate a better NAFTA deal. USians better hope officials do the negotiating because someone so ignorant of the details will have the wool pulled over his eyes.

      • Randall Schenck says:

        Because of the great time difference between your area and here I must report this. Yet again Trump or the White House put out the message that we have this trade deficit with Canada. The reporters on MSNBC have checked this and report we have a trade surplus with Canada of 12.5 billion and call the white house report a balled face lie. I guess we are moving further beyond bull shit territory.

        • The US people should be able to trust the information that comes from their president. On the face of it, this will not seem a big issue to many, but it has far reaching implications. It teaches a majority they cannot trust news coming from the White House. A time could come when trust is of vital importance. With many it also creates hostility with Canada, and many will believe they’re the ones that cannot be trusted.

        • Jenny Haniver says:

          I heard the tape of him saying it in such a flip manner. The same report said that he’s subsequently “doubled down” on the veracity of the very claim he so cavalierly said that he made up out of whole cloth. Just another day down the rabbit hole.

  9. nicky says:

    Coming back to an earlier thread (if I’m allowed), I think I underestimated the ‘monumentality’ of Ross Taylor’s exploit, especially since he did it while handicapped. Quite close to unbelievable.
    I also have second, darker, thoughts on the Rabada ban. What he did was not all that bad, compared to much of what is/was going on. Banning the world’s no 1 bowler (yes , he’s no 1 in the rankings now) for the rest of a test series is skewing and spoiling the series. Not good for the sport.

    • That was sort of what I was hinting at before re Rabada. His beahviour wasn’t great, but not much more than extremely passionate, and it was certainly no worse than what Warner has been doing constantly. If Rabada is out, Warner should be too. I can’t held wondering if money has changed hands somewhere.

      • nicky says:

        Yes, and there is no hint of ‘agression’ outside the field as recently was the case with Warner. Many bowlers are kinda aggressive in the field, but meek little lambs once off. 😊
        (And I found the face of Nathan Lyon frankly scary when AB hit him for a six. But no, I do not think he deserves any punishment for that).

      • nicky says:

        Money chaging hands? That is a serious suspicion. I just hope it is not.
        I do think the Ozzies were trying to provoke KG, they knew he had some penalty points, and needed only a little more to be banned.
        Kagiso (KG) Rabada did not evade Smith with this light brush, but Smith did not evade KG either. Normally a bowler has to get out of the batsman’s way, allowing him to run, but I do not know if that should/would apply when the batter has already been bowled out. And Smith kind of immediately turned to the umpire, as if planned. I do not think the ICC was bought, but I do think it was part of the OZ strategy.
        All that shows they fear KG, and for good reason, I’d add. He eats wickets like my young boys eat their pap at breakfast.

        • The third umpire was former NZ captain Jeff Crowe, and I don’t think he would do anything dishonest. I’ve no doubt Rabada was provoked. He’s obviously easy to provoke when he’s worked up. That intensity is, I think, part of what makes him such an amazing bowler.

          I’ve got very cynical about money on sport. The whole soccer world cup thing and what’s been going on there for years is so disgusting. There are other things I won’t mention because I’ll just come across like a bitter harridan, and I’m hungry and want to have my lunch now anyway!

  10. Randall Schenck says:

    Just as a last bit of info on the whole issue of Trump. I would recommend everyone who has the time, read the new book out Russian Roulette. I am only about a third into it at present but what it does is to put everything we know on the Russian Investigation into some order and clarifies much of the earlier background on Trump and many of the characters in this play. It would be a good one for Heather to review after giving it a good look.

  11. nicky says:

    I think the ‘Inauguration’ tweet is going to win. It is so obviously, eye-hurtingly, toe-cringingly shameful, evidently, immediately showing, undeniable bullshit.
    It reminds me of Holland, where a ‘feminist’ once remarked that there were no women on postage stamps. For three generations the majority of Dutch had been licking the backs of Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Juliana and Queen Beatrix, covering more than a century.
    It is one (actually two) of those things where one has not to do any research, it shouts out loud.

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