We’re down to the last sixteen tweets in Third Month Mania people! This competition is getting ever more exciting. There were half a million votes in round one but by the end of round two the total was five million.

The Washington Post has even come up with their own version. It puts quotes from President Trump and members of his administration since his inauguration up against each other. Here’s the link for the Washington Post‘s ‘Trump Madness: What’s the quintessential quote of the Trump administration?‘.

Rounds One and Two

If you missed the first two rounds, don’t despair – you can still vote in round three. Here are the links to my posts on the first two rounds so you can see what you missed.

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round One

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round Two


Introductory Video for Round Three


Round Three Brackets

Here are the winners of the first two rounds, with which tweets they’re up against in round three.


Celebrities Division



Enemies Division

Of course, I went with the first tweet here. The hyperbole Trump so often employs is just classic, and when pussy-grabbing is part of the story …


I don’t think you can go past the second tweet out of these two – the phone tapping tweet could even go all the way.


Government Affairs Division

My choice here was the second tweet. Both sentences have either a lie or evidence of delusion on Trump’s behalf.


Now this is a really tough choice. The global warming tweet is another real classic. However, in the end I went with the delicious irony of Trump asking if you can impeach a president for gross incompetence.


Enemies Division

I see lots of other people like the “haters and losers” tweets as much as I do as both got through to this round. They were my choice again of course! I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to choose one over the other in the next round!



There are only two days to make your choice this time so get in quick. Here’s the link to the ‘Third Month Mania’ website again for your convenience. Have fun!



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