Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round Two

Last week I posted Round One on this important event – finding Donald Trump’s winning tweet from all 36,000 ever written. However, only today President Trump came out with new missives that are right up there with the best.

In the second tweet the president displays either a fundamental misunderstanding of the way NATO works, or he’s deliberately lying.

Still, it’s too late for new tweets – the contenders have been chosen and it’s on to round two.

Third Month Mania: Round Two Introductory Video



Round Two Brackets

The winners from round one, chosen by more than half a million voters, are in. You can still vote in round two if you didn’t vote in round one, so join in the fun at the Third Month Mania website.

Celebrities Division





Government Affairs Division




The right hand tweet here is one of my favourites: “The electoral college is a disaster for democracy.” However, the irony of the tweet on the left makes this bracket a really tough choice. Trump was writing about Obama at the time of course, but the few errors Obama made are already paling in comparison to those of his successor.


This is another really tough selection. Both tweets could also go in the Enemies or WTF Division. A tweet that got my vote but hasn’t made it to the second round was one where Trump told the world about his great brain. I have trouble considering anyone who’s a climate change denier to have a great brain. On the other hand, the right hand tweet ticks so many boxes it’s hard to pass up. I have to admit, I’ve already forgotten which one got my vote, but I think it was the Chinese conspiracy theory one.


Enemies Division

This one was easy. The pu$$y-grabber-in-chief saying he respects women more than anyone has to go through to round three!




I went for the FAKE NEWS tweet here. I’m personally not convinced Donald Trump is racist though I do think he has a few racists in his inner circle. To call himself the “least racist person there is” is ridiculous hyperbole. Further, if that were true he wouldn’t have racists around him, and we’d have no birther conspiracy either.



WTF Division

Extending best wishes to the “haters and losers” got my vote in this bracket. It’s quite pathetic that he feels the need to point out that the plebs get nervous around him. However, lording it over the”haters and losers” so, um, generously,  takes the superiority complex to a whole new level!



Another “haters and losers” tweets for me to vote for. What a kind and understanding man to show such “great love and affection”! “They cannot help” the way they were born. FFS! WTF indeed! Sad (or sick).


Um, if it’s garbage, why does he drink it? We have here another example of Trump’s generous nature; they don’t treat him as well as he deserves but he is above all that.


I think you’ll agree there are some pretty tough choices here! Join in the fun at Third Month Mania – you have three more days to vote in this round.



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13 Responses to “Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round Two”

  1. j.a.m. says:

    I love the ridiculous canard that the birther business is somehow “racist”, when the entire controversy (if there were one) simply has to do with the whereabouts of one individual–someone who happened to be a female of European-American extraction.

    • You’re not seriously suggesting that there is any truth to the birther thing are you?

      • j.a.m. says:

        Uh, no, hence the careful use of the subjunctive, “if there were one.” Nonetheless, speculating about whether Stanley Ann Dunham was in Honolulu or Mombasa on the date in question, even if baseless, is hardly racist.

        • Ken says:

          FFS, the controversy is the fake claim itself, obviously. Maybe the same thing would have happened if Obama were white. Maybe. But that out of all of this, that’s the thing you focus on as ridiculous, is well, beyond ridiculous.

          • j.a.m. says:

            Okay, yes, you do have a point, it’s ALL ridiculous, this whole business of brow-furrowing over our new president’s new-fangled hobby. Like every brash artist pioneering a radical new medium, he’ll be resented and feared until everybody else catches up.

          • Ken says:

            Deliberately misses point again, as though the mere fact that Trump tweets is in any way the issue.

          • j.a.m. says:

            No, it’s not just that he tweets. Any twit can do as much ( ). It’s that he raises it to an art form, by so brilliantly trolling the lamestream media, the lefty pseudo-intelligentsia, the Davos crowd, the SJW brigades, and all the rest of The Resistance. Time will tell if it’s sustainable. But so far it’s awesome.

          • Ken says:

            Yes, a troll is exactly what he is and it’s just great to have a so-called president who all can agree excels in one thing at least. I’m sure some psudo-intellectuals thought Rome looked awesome when burning too.

    • Trevor says:


  2. Mike says:

    When he was sat with Angela Merkel, he reminded me of a Kid that has had his arse slapped. lol He’s just a big Orange baby.

  3. nicky says:

    Wind turbines do kill birds, and they are an aesthetical disaster too. Trump got a point there. Better go solar, immo.
    And the electoral college is indeed a disaster for democracy. Two tweets that are sane and that one can more or less agree with.

    • Wind turbines are cheaper to manufacture and maintain though and can be hidden easily enough. They’re also better in areas of less sun and more wind. Obviously it’s still a problem that they kill birds though.

      The thing I like about the electoral college tweet is the delicious irony – if it wasn’t for the electoral college, Trump wouldn’t be president. He complained about it in 2012, though Obama also won the popular vote. Now he’s on record as loving it!

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