Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and Third Month Mania: Round Four

The next round of Third Month Mania is upon us. The Tonight Show didn’t make a video for it so I didn’t get an e-mail alert. Therefore I’m late to the party and there’re only a few hours left to get your votes in.

Each bracket now only has one match-up left.

Celebrities Division

I chose the Bette Midler tweet here. It’s classic Trump – saying he’s not saying something by saying it.


Government Affairs Division

I had to go with the “gross incompetence” tweet in this pairing. I suspect that the Putin tweet will be the winner due to the dominance of the Russia issue in the media. However, the delicious irony of the second tweet does it for me.



Enemies Division

This was a really tough choice. In the end the first tweet got my vote. Again, it’s classic Trump. He simply announces what he wants people to believe and expects that to become reality. The truly disturbing thing is that it works with a significant proportion of the population. Like the last bracket though, I think it’s the phone tap(p) tweet that will win due to the Russia issue.



WTF Division

As I thought, we have the two “haters and losers” tweets up against each other in division final. That makes it really difficult to make a pick because they’re both such exemplars of #TrumpStyle.

In the end I went with the one on the right. Both tweets show the frequent failure of Trump to suitably express compassion or empathy, but “They cannot help the fact they were born fucked up!” is a real gem.



So get your skates on! You only have about half a day to get your votes in for the final four!



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4 Responses to “Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and Third Month Mania: Round Four”

  1. Mark R. says:

    That’s our President USians! Either way, thanks for posting the continued Noah poll Heather. I’ve recently concluded that even Pence would be better than President Tweet-Freak. Hopefully a real investigation into the admins. Russia shenanigans will evolve into impeachment hearings. Will we have a real investigation? Nunes seems determined that it won’t happen, but his handling of the situation is so amateur and transparently Trump-biased, it’s ridiculous. Cheney also did cover for Bush, but he was so savvy, no one caught on for years what he was doing. This guy is a fool. Well, Trump surrogate is synonymous with fool, so there you go.

    His approval on gallup fell to 36% today. All he has right now are executive orders…no small power, but not having a majority Congress back him on legislation will prove disastrous if it continues.

    I’ve been throwing money at the new House seats that opened after some members were installed in cabinet positions. Georgia right now looks like it might go to the Dems. If so, it will send shock waves through the Repub. party and predicts perhaps a good 2018 for Dems. Resistance has been working, it just needs to continue and there is no evidence of waning. Viva la Resistance!

    • Good on you! Part of the problem is there is always too much focus on the presidential election and not enough locally by the Democrats.

      I’m starting to think Mike Pence might be better too. His policies would be ghastly but they would at least be coherent and he would have the trust of international allies. Part of the reason I’m so against Pence is his extreme conservative views, but you still got the sort of people he would have appointed anyway, most especially on the Supreme Court which will last a generation.

      • Mark R. says:

        There aren’t many upsides to Pence succeeding if Trump goes. Pence is a dominionist after all. Those people (especially so-called leaders) who yearn for or acquiesce to a supernatural earthly apocalypse I rank among the most vile…and there lies the conundrum. At this point, I’m willing to take the risk. Supernatural bullshit doesn’t scare me as much as real bullshit. Trump is smelling mighty so I must fight the immediate smell. We’ll deal with Pence supernatural bullshit after. So it goes.

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