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Worry of the Week – 27 September 2015: Women in Iran

For my Worry of the Week, I’d like to draw your attention to a film that was brought to my attention by Dermot C., a commenter on the Why Evolution is True website. It’s called Women on the Front Line and was produced last year by Sheema Kalbasi, directed by Hossein Fazeli, and written by the two together. It’s about the women’s movement in Iran and how it’s evolved since the... read more

Winner of the Week – 20 September 2015: Malcolm Turnbull

Australia has a new prime minister – the fifth in five years, and his name is Malcolm Turnbull. His predecessor, Tony Abbott had “led” Australia’s Liberal Party to thirty consecutive losses in the polls since his election in 2013. Turnbull has previously put himself forward as leader, losing to Abbott by one vote. This time the party’s lack of popularity prompted a change,... read more

Worry of the Week – 13 September: Al-Qaeda

My Winner of the Week this week was The Free World, an entity that is growing every day as freedom and democracy continue to spread. Long-term, as I said, I have no doubt that it is the values of secularism and humanism that will take hold. The behaviour of many though makes me realize it’s not going to happen in my lifetime. My Worry of the Week is Al-Qaeda, specifically AQAP (Al-Qaeda in the... read more

Saint of the Week – 6 September 2015: Victoria, Australia, State Government

Unbelievable! Two weeks in a row I’m complimenting the Aussies! But credit where credit’s due and all that, and if I’m nice about them now, I might not get accused of racism if I abuse them during the upcoming Rugby World Cup. 🙂 But first an update. In “Saints and Sinners” on 16 August 2015, my “Saint of the Week” was Judge David Bunning. Three weeks ago the... read more

Sinner of the Week: 6 September 2015 – Homeopathy

This wasn’t my original choice for Sinner of the Week, but when I saw this particular item on One News last night, I couldn’t help laughing. The TV screen showed fifteen ambulances and a helicopter lined up outside a conference, preparing to take the participants to hospital after they suffered from apparent amphetamine poisoning. Yes, I know I should have been feeling sorry for them, but it... read more

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