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Winner of the Week – 25 October 2015: Hillary Clinton and The Back-Flipping Hamster

I was just going to do this post about the hamster (below), but Hillary Clinton is such an obvious candidate for Winner of the Week this week, I couldn’t really ignore her. After a tough few months, it’s all looking pretty good for both her and the Democratic Party: The polls all say she performed best in the debate. In the latest CNN/ORC poll (see page 12 of poll results) for example, 62%... read more

Winner of the Week – 18 October 2015: REST, Namibia

Yesterday I got this great video from Amy Carparelli (@AmyAmylou1993) on Twitter. It’s about the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) in Namibia and the work they’re doing with the pangolin or scaly anteater. If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see some of the other excellent work they’re doing as well, most recently with Beatrice the aardvark, who has injuries... read more

Winner of the Week – 4 October 2015: Japanese Rugby

The Japanese rugby team have been stunning everyone with their impressive performances at the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the United Kingdom. As a Kiwi, I should be writing about our team, the All Blacks. They’ve won all three of their matches so far and are still the favourites to win the tournament. In fact, I still think they will win overall and that’s not just because I’m a one-eyed New... read more

Worry of the Week – 4 October 2015: Syria

In reality, Syria has been a worry for years. Bashar al-Assad took over the presidency, the role of commander-in-chief of the Syrian armed forces, and the leadership of the ruling Ba’ath party on his father’s death in 2000. For several reasons, including his British education and wife, there was hope he would be a reformer. He himself indicated he would make changes. In reality, things have... read more

Winner of the Week – 27 September 2015: Carly Fiorina

So far we’ve had two GOP primary debates, the first hosted by Fox News and the second by CNN. The outstanding performer in both was Carly Fiorina. Whatever you think of her positions on the issues, and I disagree with rather a lot of them, she has been clear, eloquent, displayed a deep knowledge of the issues, and has yet to make a single misstep. Her intelligence and ability to think on her feet... read more

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