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Competition Winner

Entries for the competition closed on 30 September, and I said I’d announce winners shortly after, so here goes. You will remember there were two categories: 1. Sokal-type Essay Write an essay of an experience that led to a “personal” epiphany of the “undeniable” link between religion and science. 2. Anti-Accommodationist Essay Write an essay expressing clear and concise arguments to use in... read more

Essay Competition: Science vs Religion

Many of you, like me, are readers of Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True website. Yesterday he posted a story called ‘Templeton-sponsored essay contest: Big bucks for telling stories about accommodationism‘. It detailed an essay competition offering large financial prizes for personal stories that show science and religion in harmony. Templeton, of course, is all about promoting religion... read more

Auē Tēnei Wiki: My Patron Saint is St Francis of Assisi

It must be true, because the internet said so. I’m not quite up to thinking too hard yet, but I thought I’d make the effort to do my weekly Auē a Tau Kē Tēnei Wiki posts anyway. In an experiment to see whether God would intervene in the heresy of an atheist taking the test, I decided to have a go at this one: Obviously, I disagree with the first statement, but having never seen evidence saints... read more

For WEIT Readers – Babies Galore!

Many of you will have read and enjoyed Jerry Coyne’s post this morning on the Why Evolution is True website: ‘Five things that atheists don’t want you to know.’ I made a comment about atheists eating babies. As you probably know, there are lots of memes relating to this myth that occasionally make the rounds of Twitter (and probably Facebook too, though I’ve never seen any... read more

Paxton Marshall Critiques Sam Harris’s “Sleepwalking Towards Armageddon”

Regular readers will know that one of the most frequent commenters here is Paxton Marshall, a retired professor, most recently of the University of Virginia. He and I (and other commenters) disagree a lot, and the topic of that disagreement has often been the opinions of Sam Harris. Nevertheless, his comments are always welcome and interesting. On 15 November 2015 following the Paris terrorist attacks,... read more

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