Third Month Mania: Bullshit Bracket (Final)

The post I wrote yesterday about Trump’s lies was originally going to be the introduction to today’s post. However, as you saw, it got rather long! So, it became a post on it’s own. Now I’m pretty much out of words to introduce the final of Third Month Mania: Bullshit Bracket.

This competition is The Daily Show‘s annual version of March Madness. Last year they gave the explanation that Third Month Mania was the closest they could come to March Madness without getting into legal jeopardy.

For the final match up, The Daily Show put out this video with the regular Third Month Mania hosts Roy Wood Jr and Michael Kosta,


Bracket of Bullshit Final: Trump Conference vs Everyone Else Conference

This is where I do a bit of preening! I called it! I picked the correct finalists from the semis! Here they are:


Third Month Mania Bracket of Bullshit Final


If it were possible I would like the two finalists to be Biggest Inauguration Crowd Ever and Very Fine People on Both Sides. However, the US Liar-In-Chief can only have one piece of bullshit in the final. The Everyone Else conference has to have a chance. That’s the way it works of course.

As I’m sure you can guess, my choice was Very Fine People on Both Sides. This was an issue I wrote two posts about (here and here). It also got a bit of commentary in several other posts, including earlier Third Month Mania posts.

As I’ve said before, I still think that the bullshit it beat in the semi – Biggest Inauguration Crowd Ever – was the biggest bullshit. However, Very Fine People On Both Sides is more consequential.

Parkland "Conspiracy Actors" cartoonI’ve posted the cartoon on the right before. From the beginning I’ve made clear that I don’t think the Parkland “Crisis Actors” Conspiracy is really worthy. As the cartoon states, the people who said that are just scum. The good thing about including their bullshit in a competition like this is the mockery their ridiculous claim gets. However, the bullshit itself is so pathetic it doesn’t rise to the level of many of the other items of bullshit in the competition.

Go here to place your vote. Did I get it right? Will Fine People On Both Sides take out the title, or will the Parkland “Crisis Actors” Conspiracy get the votes? Let me and the other readers know in the comments.


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14 Responses to “Third Month Mania: Bullshit Bracket (Final)”

  1. nicky says:

    I would not have voted for the ‘very fine people’ tweet. (I mean, there must have been some fine people on both sides, as I elaborated earlier).
    Now I think Trump might lose, the ‘actors’ tweet is real BS, and even more evil than the ‘very fine people’ one! That in itself would be no mean feat!

  2. nicky says:

    The ‘French Dr’ from Grey’s anatomy also deserves a Honourable Mention. Maybe for next year? (Cf WEIT’s ‘Pallywood’ post). The (Hamas controlled?) PIC -Palestine ‘Information’ Centre- is spewing BS on a kinda regular basis, and the western press laps it up as if it were sweet milk.
    Should not a third category, ‘Pallywood’, next to ‘Trump’ and ‘all the rest’, be established?

    • Somehow I don’t think a US show is going to expose all the lies from the PIC, just like they’re not going to expose the ones from CAIR – Council for American Islamic Relations.

      I’d like to see one about the lies in “True” Hollywood stories. The number of historical events that are changed, especially to make USians look like the heroes, is really annoying. Then there are movies like ‘Braveheart’ that would be really good if I didn’t know what actually happened, or what certain people were really like. So, they’re just annoying.

      It will be interesting to see what they come up with next year.

  3. Jenny Haniver says:

    I’m torn between the two. When I read your explanation for your choice, I’m on board; then I read Nicky’s reasons and I agree. To me, they’re equally repugnant.

    Re your previous post, which I neglected to comment on when it was fresh: With the announcement that Trump is sending National Guard to the Mexican border, even though he makes it seem as if they’re going to stand at the border, locked and loaded, toes to the line, I understand that they’ll actually be involved in back-up, behind the scenes assignments, thus freeing the border patrol to do the patrolling. That is what I heard on the news, but who the hell knows what’s going to happen. Right now, if the guard does keep a low profile, I doubt that there will be any untoward incidents. But Trump’s obsession with the caravan is red meat for his base, especially wrapped up with the wall and DACA, and he keeps raising the stakes, making it sound as if a horde of barbarians is bearing down on the US, now claiming that women on the caravan are being “raped at levels not seen before”. Whether his minatory rhetoric is just posturing or indicative of something more, remains to be seen. Back in early 2017, there was the flap about whether Trump did or didn’t threaten to invade Mexico Now, the Mexican president has called for Trump to tone down his inflammatory language.

    What worries me is now that bellicose Bugsy Bolton is in the saddle, he might egg Trump on to provoke something that would ‘justify’ a minimal incursion, or they might send troops to some other Latin American country, such as Honduras, ‘just because’. These are probably far-fetched musings, but these days, the far-fetched frequently comes true, and I’m not the only one who’s been thinking such things.

    • There has always been lots of rape among those trying to get to the US. How he could possibly know it’s at levels beyond anything seen before is beyond me. The caravan itself is likely to have low levels of rape as it includes a lot of families. It’s an annual thing. Most of it has dissipated – about a tenth of the original is still there. They are, or should be, the least of Trump’s worries.

      An interesting fact. Almost all border counties are Democrat, and are also majorly anti-Trump because of his anti-immigrant rhetoric. In general, the places that are the most anti-iimmigrant are those that have the least immigrants. That isn’t surprising of course. People fear what they don’t know.

      Bush and Obama had National Guard troops as back up on the border to release border control agents for work in the field. Trump is talking about something different – placing armed soldiers ready to shoot. It’s ridiculous because sneaking across is not how most get in anyway. Armed soldiers was apparently done once before and a young Texas man was accidentally shot, so people on the border aren’t eager to have them back.

      A sheriff from a border county was interviewed on CNN yesterday. He said similar stuff to what I did. They don’t need the military. They need more trained border control agents and better resourcing of those they’ve got, plus better resourcing of local law enforcement. He said locals are still really upset about the young man shot by the military.

  4. Randall Schenck says:

    One thing we know for sure and without a doubt. The BS and the lies will continue at greater rates each day. It will be very hard to keep up as Trump’s mouth continues to move. The Post Office is losing money to Amazon and the govt. is subsidizing Amazon’s low rates. Lies and more lies and how could the subsidizing make sense when the PO does not get any tax money for their operations. Well, Scott Pruitt continues to do a great job and how many ways is that a lie filled with BS. Under any other President, dead or alive, this guy would be gone. He is probably crazier than Trump so let’s see how long this last.

    • Imo Scott Pruitt is one of the Trump administration’s more dreadful creatures. I think I wrote about him not long ago. His history of corruption is disgusting. He was clearly deeply in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry and the evidence deliberately wasn’t released until after his confirmation. The EPA has become the Environmental Destruction Agency. He was one of the greatest advocates for pulling out if the Paris Accord. He’s simply ghastly. So much for draining the swamp. He’s The Swamp Monster.

  5. Randall Schenck says:

    Carl Icon, if that is how it’s spelled is apparently Prutt’s daddy. He owns the one and only company in the U.S. that exports LPG. So not long ago Pruitt and his staff all flew first class over to the United Arab Emirate (I think that is the country) to sell them on importing liquid gas. Now, this is not even something the EPA should be involved in. Yet there they were, all working for Icon. It is an absolute joke.

    • Wow! Outrageous! He’s done other stuff like tour oil companies etc., but that’s the worst I’ve heard of non-EPA duties that he’s got involved in. He should be out. Instead, Trump is praising him and considering giving him Sessions’ job. Pruitt wouldn’t have to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation and so could fire Mueller seems to be the reasoning. Trump is desperately trying to find a way to fire Mueller and stop the investigation. No the actions of a man with nothing to hide!

      • nicky says:

        The greatest damage Mr Pruitt could inflict on the EPA has already taken place. Decades of environmental legislation undone. His corrupt actions (the 50$/night rooms in upmarket New York owned by a lobbyist, gigantic tax-payer funded travel expenses, huge increases for two of his collaborators in a sneaky way after it had been turned down [note although both are good looking young women, there is -surprisingly- no rumour of hanky-panky], unnecessary use of sirens,…the list goes on and on) amount to peanuts in comparison.
        I just hope he will be kept at EPA for now, until the unfolding of his corruption makes him ineligible for any post. In other positions he might even cause fresh Major Damage (such as indeed firing Mueller).

  6. Jenny Haniver says:

    I think you’re referring to Carl Ichan, but he is an icon of sorts and not a positive one.

    • Randall Schenck says:

      Yes, and I really messed up some of the details on this thing. It was Morroco where Pruitt and the whole gang were going to sell the Ichan Natural gas. They created themselves a nice layover in Paris as well.
      He also has lied about the things done to get the two staffers a big raise. Now we have another one. A staff member that got paid but did not come to work for three months. It just keeps going. Now 64 members of congress have sent a letter asking that Pruitt resign or fire Pruitt. It is all Trump ethics times ten.

        • Jenny Haniver says:

          Good. I’ll refresh my recollection. I love it that he wanted his security entourage to use sirens when he traveled by car — even to restaurants. And the woman who owned the apartment he stayed in, whom he favored politically because of his tenancy, said that she was fed up with him, he’d overstayed his welcome and she had to change the locks to get him out. Sure, these are clear indications of personal, not political, failings, they certainly are indicative of his ethics and morals; and in this case (as with most all of Trump’s crowd) I’d agree with the old feminist line: “The personal is the political.”

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