Tomorrow we’ll have the final of Third Month Mania. The original 64 lies will be down to two items – one from each conferences. Theconferrences are the Donald Trump and the Everyone Else.

The two conferences are fitting. Some of the contenders in the competition being pretty big purveyors of bullshit on their own. Personnel at Fox News who made the list come to mind. However, Trump tells so many that on his own he tells as many as everyone else put together.

Critics will say that my low opinion of Trump as a person, politician, leader, and president affects my judgement. They are wrong. My opinion is backed up by the facts.

Politifact is an independent fact checker. They are keeping a record of Trump’s public lies. As an independent fact checker they are, of course, more diplomatic; they use the term “false statements.” Semantics don’t change reality though. They are lies.

Trump’s twitter tirade over Easter Weekend includes several lies that his base repeat as fact. It should not be part of normal operations that the president tweets lies about policy. This post is about just a few days of lies, and the liar is the president of the most powerful country in the world.

US leadership expects the free world to look to them as an example of democracy and freedom. They’re the world’s only superpower, and internationally their role is to maintain and promote those values.

And this is what we got over Easter. (Even Laura Ingraham apologized about her attack on one of the Parkland kids “in the spirit of” Easter. Well sort of. It was not exactly an example of how to apologize!)

Lies About the US Postal Service and Amazon

One target of his tweets is Amazon.

The tweet above is simply wrong. Amazon do pay state and local taxes, and they pay a bulk rate they negotiated with the Postal Service.

But he just keeps on going …

The truth is, the US Postal Service makes money from their contract with Amazon, and would probably fail without their business.

He goes on …

Only fools, or worse, are saying that our money losing Post Office makes money with Amazon. THEY LOSE A FORTUNE, and this will be changed. Also, our fully tax paying retailers are closing stores all over the country…not a level playing field!


No Mr President, you are not right. Amazon negotiated a bulk delivery contract just like every other business that gives the Post Office a lot of business. No costs are “bourne” or even borne by the taxpayer. On the other hand, the taxpayers bear the cost of your trips to Trump golf courses every weekend where you don’t even let the Security Services watching out for for use the golf carts free of charge.

As for the tax issue, actually, Amazon charges state sales taxes wherever they apply in the same way that stores made of bricks and mortar do.

Trump doesn’t like Amazon because its owner, Jeff Bezos, is also owner of the Washington Post. The Washington Post, along with the New York Times are doing some of the best reporting on the White House. (And thanks to my wonderful donors I can subscribe to both.)


Lies About His Approval Rating

Then there’s his ongoing worry that Obama has a bigger dick than he has.

Trump considers any polling that he likes honest, while any he doesn’t like are lies. It’s truly pathetic.

According to Gallup, Barack Obama’s approval rating was 49% at this stage in his presidency (end of March 2010). However, currently Trump is at 39% in Gallup‘s ratings. Personally, I find Gallup’s poll more likely to be accurate. It is consistent with other polls and previous results, and Gallup has a good reputation. I suspect the Rasmussen poll is an outlier.

Trump is so insecure because he knows deep down that he didn’t win the election. More people voted for Hillary Clinton, and Obama is more popular now than ever. Even those on the right who hated his presidency admit that he’s a good man.

As for “Cheatin’ Obama”? Obama didn’t cheat to win the presidency. However, several cheated to make sure that Trump won the presidency. We don’t know for sure yet if Trump himself was one of them, but we do know that many in his team are cheats.


Lies About DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)

This is an ongoing issue with Trump, and we got more tweets about it over the weekend.


DACA was an executive order by Obama. It allowed those who were brought to the US illegally as children and have no criminal record to stay in the country. These children have mostly known no other home than the US, so to deport them to another country would not just be unfair, it would be cruel and inhuman. Often they don’t even speak the language of their birth country.
Trump claims here (and it’s a frequent claim) that DACA is making people go to the US so they can become a part of it. More lies. Either that or he doesn’t understand the policy. This policy only applies to children who were brought to the US before 2007. Those who come later are NOT eligible. Specifically, no one who came to the US during his or Obama’s presidency is eligible. They cannot take advantage of DACA.

Many on the far right didn’t like this executive order. They felt that however these people (known as “Dreamers”), however they came to the US, are there illegally. They also consider that Obama did not have the right to make the order. Last year found a judge who was in agreement with their argument. As a result, Trump cancelled the executive order which means the Dreamers face deportation at any time. DACA’s opponents, who are a small but vocal part of Trump’s base, are still doing all they can to get the Dreamers deported.

Trump claims that it’s the Democrats who are the enemy of the Dreamers. He says he wants them to stay. However, he’s the one who got rid of DACA. Further, both Republicans and Democrats have offered several legislative solutions. Trump has refused to sign them all.


“Caravans” of People from Honduras

Then there are his lies about the Caravan of people from Honduras:


In this one, caravan becomes plural – caravans. His paranoia is ratcheting up – and so are the lies.

I bet he knew nothing about the Caravan before he had Sean Hannity and Jenine Pirro (both Fox News hosts) at Mar-a-lago for Easter. Steven Miller and Don King were there too. The truth is the caravan got no further than southern Mexico. The authorities there made sure it went no further days before Trump even started tweeting about it.

The Truth About the Caravan

From Time (my emphasis):

The caravan of Central American migrants that angered U.S. President Donald Trump was sidelined at a sports field in southern Mexico with no means of reaching the border even as Trump tweeted another threat to Mexico Tuesday. …

The caravan that once numbered 1,150 or more people actually halted days ago in the town of Matias Romero in the southern state of Oaxaca. …

Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the activist group behind the annual symbolic event designed to draw attention to the plight of migrants, said the caravan would continue only to Puebla southeast of Mexico City, “but not in a massive way.”

To be fair, there was a large group of young men who used the caravan as cover for part of the way to hide their intention of trying to get into the US. They broke away from the caravan, and authorities are aware of them.


Anti-Immigrant Attacks

Trump drug companies cartoonAlso from the above tweet, there’s the claim that “Democrats want No Borders.” That’s just ridiculous and clearly another example of his constant lies. There are some on the extreme left of course who don’t want borders anywhere in the world, but that’s not the policy of the Democratic party.

As far as blaming illegal immigrants for all drugs and crime, I see that as a dog whistle to what Hillary Clinton termed “The Deplorables.” Statistics show that immigrants do not commit crimes at a higher rate than the general population.

The Republicans are supposedly the party that’s pro legal immigration. They should be too. The US, like most Western countries, needs immigration. We aren’t giving birth to enough people to support us in our old age and we’re living too long.

However, if you listen to Trump and some of his closest allies, they appear to oppose all immigration except white people with high skill levels. The country needs more than just people with high levels of education or similar. They need people who will work on farms, in rest homes and restaurants, and as cleaners. There aren’t enough USians to do those jobs, so they need immigrants.

Trump seems to see people who perform such jobs as not Good People. He equates poor with bad.

We need Trump to be involved in a real life version of one of those sit-coms from the early ’70s where a bigot’s life is saved by an African American, thereby changing his attitude!


Lies About NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)

As part of the tirade against immigrants, he also exposes his poor understanding of macroeconomics:

Trump has this weird idea that a trade imbalance means a country is ripping off the US. He says it a lot and I’m not entirely sure whether it’s more lies or just stupidity.


Lies About Sinclair Media

Then there’s Sinclair Media. He sticks up for them and calls legitimate groups fake news:


But the agenda of Sinclair is obvious, or at least it should be. The ever-reliable John Oliver did a piece on Sinclair last year exposing how they require their stations to broadcast certain opinions. Then there’s this from Deadspin a couple of days ago:

Sinclair pretend their statement was meant to be about things like Pizzagate, but the John Oliver video shows that’s not the case. Clips that Sinclair require their stations to run have an obvious conservative, pro-Trump bias.

This was Trump’s performance over one long weekend, and it isn’t even everything.

There were other tweets that were’t lies of course, like this one:


Lies, Lies, and More Lies

By my count, there were 31 Trump tweets over Easter. There are thirteen above in my analysis, and there are a couple of others that I think are lies too but don’t have enough knowledge to opine about. So almost half of the tweets by the most powerful man in the free world in a four day period were lies.

Trump lies via Twitter at Mar-a-lago cartoon



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