30 Sep 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets

The thing I’ve been keeping an eye on is the eruption of the volcano on Ambae Island in Vanuatu. (I’ve put in a few tweets about it below.) It was triggered by a 6.4 earthquake on 21 September. Initially 70% of the population was going to have to leave, but things got worse and now it means the evacuation of the whole island. Authorities were slow to react, but locals did a great job of... read more

29 Sep 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets

The homily in today’s tweets post was going to be about the fate of New Zealand political party, the Maori party, in our recent election. However, as usual I went on a bit, and the homily became a “proper” post. So there’s not much here today. The thing I find most exciting in the news from yesterday, but I’ve heard very little about it anywhere, is the news about the new... read more

The Loss of the Maori Party

I’m a bit late with the topic of the loss of the Maori Party from parliament but it’s one that’s important to me, so I want to get my thoughts on record. One of the biggest topics of discussion following our election on the weekend was how voters in the Maori electorates cast their votes for Labour again. As a result, the Maori Party is out of parliament for the first time time its... read more

28 Sep 2017: Daily Homily (Roy Moore) and Tweets

I can’t remember what I was going to write about in today’s tweets post. I knew at 2am, but went back to sleep for a while and I’ve forgotten. Further, if I’d gotten up to write it down, I might have noticed that I’d left the oven on! Instead it was 9am before I realized! So instead I’ll write about the selection of Roy Moore as the Republican candidate for the vacant... read more

27 Sep 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets

As you can see, there’s a new name in the title: Homily. I’m not sure how that’s going to work – I’m just trying it on for size at this stage. The content of the post won’t change. There’ll still be plenty of tweets on display. The big news of the day for me is that women in Saudi Arabia can drive.  It comes about because of the issuing of a decree by King Salman.... read more

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