The homily in today’s tweets post was going to be about the fate of New Zealand political party, the Maori party, in our recent election. However, as usual I went on a bit, and the homily became a “proper” post. So there’s not much here today.

The thing I find most exciting in the news from yesterday, but I’ve heard very little about it anywhere, is the news about the new space station orbiting the moon. It’s to be called Deep Space Gateway and will be the starting point for missions further into space.

I can’t imagine that I will ever get to go there, but it would be so cool! That is the sort of thing I had dreams about as a kid. Of course, in my dreams you could always walk around like it was earth. These days, floating sounds pretty good. I love being in the water even more now than when I was younger because there’s so much less pain than out of the water.


Political Tweets

I haven’t had time to watch much of Trevor Noah lately, but when I saw he’d done something on Roy Moore, I had to have a look. Noah never disappoints!

Human Rights Tweets

On the whole, I didn’t have much time for Hugh Hefner one way or the other. He was part of improving attitudes to sex, but the gross objectification of women was also one of his legacies. However, this is undoubtedly one thing we can thank him for.
(Via Ann German.)


More on the good side of Hugh Hefner.

Bangladesh is already one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in the world. Now, because of the ethnic cleansing (called that by the UNHCR) by Myanmar, they have to accommodate around half a million refugees. The situation is dire.



Science Tweets

Nerds having fun!

Scenic Tweets

A beautiful waterfall on the Yucatan Peninsula.


Entertainment Tweets

(Via Ann German.)

Who do you call?!


Weather Tweets

This is a better weather tweet than some I’ve been posting!
(Via Ann German.)


Marine Tweets

As I was watching this the first time, I thought what it would be like watching it at normal speed instead of 300x. It made me think of the Star Trek: Voyager episode (and other sci-fi) where everyone seems to be not moving because of time getting messed up.

Anyway, this is cool.


This is cool too …

Reptile Tweets

What cool looking skinks!!!


Other Animals Tweets

Beavers getting busy in the dark.


Baby elephant having fun! So cute!


Ha ha!

Dinosaur Tweets

Here’s a cool story!
(Via Ann German.)

Bird Tweets

Native kakapo chick! Aren’t they wonderful?!


Very cool indeed!
(Via Ann German.)

Cat Tweets

Okay, what could a wee kitteh possibly have done? Or are these plumbers just weirdo superstitious black-cat haters like those I wrote about here.
(Via Ann German.)


This mailman is attacked by the cat every day!

Those of you who follow WEIT will have come across the Japanese cat treats that Jerry takes to Poland for Hili. Well it looks like those treats are in New Zealand too now!


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