How Reza Aslan Damages the Discourse

One of the journalists I most admire is Christiane Amanpour. I never miss her show Amanpour on CNN International if I can help it. On 21 October though she disappointed me – she fell into the trap many liberal Americans do (and New Zealanders too, as I’ve written about)  of giving Reza Aslan a voice as a spokesperson for moderate Islam. Aslan is no such thing – he’s a liberal Muslim who... read more

Is the GOP’s War on Women Real?

Anyone speaking English (or American!) on Twitter will have seen tweets, especially around election time, of the US Democratic Party accusing the US Republican Party of waging a War on Women. The phrase is so common it’s become capitalized. So is it a fair accusation? The Unites States doesn’t do that well in comparison with other OECD countries when it comes to women’s rights. In 2013 the... read more

Stopping FGM in Egypt

Orla Guerin of the BBC, a reporter I admire greatly, today presented this report about FGM in Egypt. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to embed it into this article, but I urge you to go to the link and watch it. It’s only 2:49 long. In the report Guerin interviews a woman who describes how she performs the procedure or, as Guerin more accurately describes it, “mutilates her... read more

Islamophobia-phobia in New Zealand

Islamophobia-phobia is the fear of appearing to be Islamophobic. I have to give credit to author and television personality Greg Gutfeld (Fox News’s The Five, Red Eye) for the term. The Five is a guilty pleasure of mine, and it was while watching this show that I heard Gutfeld come up with the expression “Islamophobia-phobia” a few months ago, and he’s used it frequently since. Gutfeld is The Five’s... read more

It’s Not the Facts, It’s How you Present Them: The Reza Aslan Tactic

In his self-appointed role as an apologist for Islam, Reza Aslan is determined to prove that the religion is a wholly benign influence. His position is that Islam itself should not be blamed for the negative attitudes and behaviours of its adherents. This is an untenable position and it seems to me that Aslan himself actually knows this. He wants to be the happy face of Islam and will say anything to... read more

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