Reza Aslan: Lying for Islam on FGM

There was a window when Reza Aslan had my sympathy. At the end of July Fox News reporter Lauren Green interviewed him about his book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. Green’s opinion seemed to be that as a Muslim, Aslan had no right to write a book about Jesus and the whole thing was some kind of anti-Christian plot. It was bizarre and truly cringe-worthy. I was one of the many who tweeted... read more

Netanyahu’s Fantasy

In an interview with Fareed Zakaria recently, Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced his commitment to a two-state solution with Palestine, but insisted that the only way it would work is if Israel had a permanent, or at least long-term, military presence in Palestine. This is a preposterous suggestion, and as long as he insists on it, no agreement will be reached; it is simply a condition the... read more

Obama vs Reagan on Russia: The Bogus GOP Comparison

Whenever President Vladimir Putin of Russia is in the media due to his regular land-grabbing actions, the right-wing media in America take the opportunity to contrast certain aspects of his personality with President Barack Obama in an attempt to undermine Obama. They quote such polls as the one published by YouGov in March in which 30% of Americans described Obama as bold, while 39% described Putin the... read more

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