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Beautiful New Zealand X: New Zealand Ascending

A new time lapse film by Martin Heck of Timestorm Films came out this week. ‘New Zealand Ascending’ It took sixteen weeks of production time and 185,000 photos to make a film of less than seven minutes. The result, as always is beautiful. New’s Zealand’s Māori name is Aotearoa, which means “Land of the Long White Cloud”. That’s particularly appropriate for this... read more

Just To Let You Know I Survived Christmas

Actually, I mostly had a good time. On 23 December I flew to Christchurch, and did all the traditional holiday stuff down there. The tree was surrounded by dozens of gifts; most were for the kids, but there were some for me too! We did a few touristy things, and it didn’t rain. My nieces and nephews had a fabulous time together, which was great. New Zealanders may recognize three of the kids from... read more

Has the USA Education System Been Set-Up to Fail?

I have to say up front that I have no expertise whatsoever in the field of education. This post is just a comment on what looks to me like a disaster waiting to happen. If anyone can give me evidence that my instinct is wrong, I’ll be glad to hear it. From an outsider’s point of view, pre-tertiary education in the US hasn’t looked that great for a while. They’ve been slipping down... read more

Bishop Brian Tamaki: Gays Caused the Christchurch Earthquakes

In the early hours of Monday morning, New Zealand experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.  Two people were killed and there has been extensive damage. The lives of thousands were thrown into turmoil. Any earthquake that big is naturally reported all over the world.  Naturally, international media were keeping an eye on what our major news outlets were reporting. As a result, when a New Zealand bishop said... read more

James Cameron does New Zealand

The publicity arm of the New Zealand Tourism Board, known as 100% Pure New Zealand, have made a series of videos featuring well known director James Cameron. Cameron, whose movies include Avatar, Titanic, Terminator, and Rambo moved to New Zealand four years ago. The short videos are all pretty good, and do a great job of showcasing what New Zealand is best known for. There are seven in the series: James... read more

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