First off I must apologise. (Yes, that’s how we spell it in New Zealand.) I’ve been neglecting my website for a couple of weeks. There has been writing going on, but none of it made it here. Two posts are progressing slowly, and one may actually see the light of day. (Not every post I write makes it to the website; I often decide they’re just not good enough.) I’ve also been doing some other writing when the inspiration strikes me, and it struck during the last few days. So, I thought I should do a tweets post to prove I still exist.

One of the big items of news in New Zealand is that our prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, is due to have a baby on 17 June. Ardern will be only the second leader of a modern country to give birth while in office. The first was back on 25 January 1990 when the prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, gave birth to her daughter Bakhtawar. Circumstances will be a bit different for Ardern then they were for Bhutto though.

Her plan is to keep working until she goes into labour, then take six weeks off. Her partner (no they’re not married!), Clarke Gayford, will then stay at home to look after the baby and she will return to work. Gayford is both the brains behind, and the front-man for, fishing show Fish of the Day, which screens in twenty countries. It won a Gold award at the Houston International Film Festival.

Clarke Gayford

Clarke Gayford, surfer. (Photo credit: Lawrence Smith via Click pic to go to source.)

Gayford grew up near Gisborne, just like me! As well as being a keen fisherman, he also loves to surf. reports that by the age of ten, he knew the English, Maori, and Latin names of most fish that swim in New Zealand waters. He’s a graduate of the NZ Broadcasting School, and worked in radio before moving to television.

After six weeks, Ardern will return to work, juggling work and motherhood in the same way that most women do these days. She’s told media that she has “no real plan” in place for how to cope after the baby is born. Basically, like most first time parents, Ardern and Gayford will be working it out as they go. There are currently two MPs who are also breastfeeding mothers in parliament. They often have their babies with them, and even feed them in the House when their duties require them to be there when they need to be fed.

Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford at Buckingham Palace

Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford in their way to an official dinner at Buckingham Palace as part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting (CHOGM). Ardern is wearing a traditional Maori korowai (cloak). (Photo credit: Getty Images via Click pic to go to source.)

Ardern is doing a good job of staying down to earth despite the expectations many are placing upon her to become a role model for all working women. Her pregnancy is progressing well, and she’s healthy. There were no problems getting the clearances she needed for her recent long haul flights to Britain and Europe where she did a good job of representing our country. At a joint press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel even said to the New Zealand press, “… you can be proud of your prime minister.” (Ha! We’re one up on you US!)


War Tweets

This is a much more serious issue, and should be what this post is about, but I’d already written it before I found out.

The US is at war with Syria. Trump does not appear to have said anything.
(Via Ann German.)







Have you got that USians? You are at war with Syria. You are no longer just fighting in Syria. What Trump has done by authorizing today’s attacks means war!


Political Tweets

And in news from across the Atlantic pond … (I have to say, this doesn’t surprise me either.)
(Via Ann German.)

Good. This was an absolute disgrace!

Pre-Mueller Tweets

(Via Ann German.)


Human Rights Tweets

Brave young women in Iran making a point – wearing the hijab should not be compulsory.




Gun Safety Tweets

Just sayin’.


Religion Tweets

I was on a roll yesterday:


Environmental Tweets

More of mine:



Sports Tweets

Lydia Ko is back!


History Tweets

Bit gruesome, but I suppose it’s better than five minutes later …


This is better, but WTF are “Tables for Ladies.”


Very cool.


Archaeology Tweets

Cool find in New Zealand.


Funny Tweets

Who saw the White House Correspondents Dinner?
(Via Ann German.)


Trump didn’t like what she had to say of course …


This is what Betty Bowers had to say to that …


Un-effing-believable! Jason Miller, almost Trump’s press secretary, currently spokesperson for Trump on CNN, believes the moon landing was faked. He came to believe this following his time on the Ted Cruz campaign team. I can’t believe this is real, but it’s coming from Slate, who are usually reliable.
(Via Ann German.)


Oh no! My diet is 59% Republican!


Marine Tweets

Just havin’ fun …


Didn’t see that coming did you?


Other Animals Tweets

How cute is this?! These are supposedly the ones Jesus rode. How do they know? They have a cross on their backs. It wasn’t there before. Because that’s how evolution happens.




Bird Tweets

Wow! Crows are so smart!


Check out what’s happening with New Zealand’s Kakapo.




Dog Tweets

What’s happening?




This is why these are my favourite dogs …


Almost as cute as a cat.


Cat Tweets

Cuddle party!


Just do what Mum does and you’ll be fine!


This one has been around for a while, but I love it, so it’s going in …


So cute.


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