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Our Planet: Norway

I regularly post the time lapse films by Martin Heck of TimeStorm films, but somehow I missed this one. He released it back it December 2015 after a trip to Norway, and, as always it’s stunning. Heck describes the filming thus: Norway 8K shows the wild landscapes of Norway in ultra high resolution. From the coastal peaks of the Lofoten and Senja Islands to the fjords and highlands of southern Norway... read more

Brexit Happened, But What Happens Next?

I thought the eminently sensible British would vote Bremain but I got it wrong. It’s a perennial problem with referenda – people vote on emotions, half of those voting are of less than average intelligence, and a majority aren’t fully informed on the issue. In my opinion, that is what has happened here. While there were people on the Brexit side who analysed the situation and genuinely... read more

Why I Oppose Brexit

On Thursday Britain will vote on whether or not to remain in the European Union. This is a vitally significant decision for both Britain and Europe and in my opinion, far more important than a general election. It will have far-reaching consequences that will last generations. The vote is happening because prime minister David Cameron was stupid enough to promise a referendum on the matter during the... read more

Auē Tēnei Wiki: Vladimir Putin – Killer?

Staying with the leadership theme – this time an example of really bad and corrupt leadership – Vladimir Putin.  A report was released this week into the death in London of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko at the age of 43. Litvinenko, who was born in Voronezh in 1962, was a former lieutenant-colonel with the Russian FSB (Federal Security Bureau – the successor to the KGB).... read more

Charlie Hebdo – One Year Later

Note: This post contains depictions of Mohammed. If you find such things offensive, do not read this. If you choose to read anyway, don’t blame me. When I wrote about the Charlie Hebdo massacre a year ago, I headed the post with this quote from Stephen Fry. It remains one of my favourites, and makes an important statement about freedom of speech. On 7th January 2015, we saw the horror of the murders... read more

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