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Simon’s Cat: Valentine’s Day with Extras

Valentine’s Day was yesterday in New Zealand, and I was going to post these then, but I was having a Bad Day so it didn’t get done. I was having a Bad Day before I even remembered it was Valentine’s Day, but that made it worse of course. I’m quite sure many more people have a Bad Day on 14 February than a good one. I’m equally sure that for many Valentine’s Day is the... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: Why Do Cats like Hunting?

Simon’s Cat Logic published a new video on 20 December and it’s another good one. It’s about why cats like hunting, and includes a couple of new animation sequences. There’s a lovely segment in which Simon’s Cat attempts to catch a squirrel while the squirrel mocks him. Simon also talks about one of the cats he had as a child. For those that don’t know, this year Simon... read more

Simon’s Cat: Little Box

Simon Tofield, the creator of Simon’s Cat, has released a couple of new videos for Christmas. Simon’s Cat – Guide to Winter First, for you northern hemisphere people, there was Guide to Winter, released just over a week ago. I didn’t post it because a guide to keeping warm is not what New Zealanders need at this time of year! It’s pretty cute though, as always.   Simon... read more

Simon’s Cat: ‘Bed Sheets’

Christmas is on its way and Simon’s Cat is getting in the mood. If you put up decorations and a tree, it’s traditional to do that on 1 December. My decorations have made it from the garage to the dining table so far. Some of the lights are up in the front window but that’s only because I never got around to taking some of them down last Christmas! Anyway, Simon is decorating his tree... read more

Simon’s Cat: Halloween 360˚

This is another of those 360˚ videos where you need to drag the view around with your mouse. See how many times you can see Simon’s Cat creeping around in the dark!   Simon Tofield posted this video of him painting a Halloween scene a couple of days ago too:   And he put this on his Facebook page for Pumpkin Day (27 October): And after Simon’s Cat Halloween Special: The Monster, this... read more

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