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A Hedgehog Named Heather!

I’ve got a hedgehog named after me! This is one of the coolest things ever to happen to me in my life, and a great honour! The hedgehog is a rescue one at the SWCC Hedgehog Hospital in Hertfordshire, England. I suspect intervention by science communicator Amy Carparelli. A £25 donation allows you to sponsor a hedgehog that the hospital is caring for. (Update 19 July: It turns out that my re-tweets... read more

Simon’s Cat: Waiting Game

The wait is over, and we have a new Simon’s Cat movie. It’s very short, but enjoyable all the same. And, as The Kitten is in it, there’s a Cute Quotient multiplier effect. New Simon’s Cat movies are one of the highlights of my life. I’m not sure how sad and pathetic some people will think that makes me, but I don’t care. People unable to appreciate and enjoy this... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: Is Your Cat Talking to You?

There’s a new episode in the Simon’s Cat Logic series: ‘Is Your Cat Talking to You?’. I like this episode very much as it actually answers questions definitively that people have about their cats. It also answers a question that came up for me just yesterday when stroking my mother’s cat. She (Mum’s cat) got on her side, exposing her belly to me, but Mum said she... read more

Simon’s Cat: Copy Cat and Boxes 2

Another new Simon’s Cat video came out today. Simon Tofield seems to be upping production it’s the second one in two days. There was also one a couple of weeks ago that I didn’t  get around to putting up. Both the latest videos have the kitten, which is always a bonus. 🙂 First, today’s video. Simon’s Cat: Copy Cat     Simon’s Cat: Boxes 2 The second video came... read more

Trump’s First 100 Days

Just about every media outlet has done a story about President Trump’s first one hundred days. Some made an attempt to be different and did his next 265, or next 1360 instead. It came down to the same thing though. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know there’s not much about Trump or his presidency that I have a good word for so far. It also seems a bit pointless to repeat much... read more

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