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The Carniverous Giant Powelliphanta Snail

Nobody loves me Everybody hates me I’m going down the garden to eat worms … That’s the children’s poem that came to mind when I saw this video. It’s of Powelliphanta snail, a rare giant snail that’s native to New Zealand. The Powelliphanta snail is carniverous, and mostly eats worms – “sucking them down like spaghetti”. They also eat slugs from time to... read more

Kiwi Courtship – The Female Takes Charge

BBC Earth has done it again – given us another wonderful video of native New Zealand fauna. A couple of days ago there was a special video of Tuatara hatching. This time it’s the brown kiwi. The kiwi of course is the endangered flightless bird New Zealanders get their nickname from. We also gave the name to a fruit – the Chinese gooseberry (genus – actinidia). Given anti-Chinese... read more

Amazing Video: Hatching Tuatara

I subscribe to BBC Earth on YouTube, which never disappoints in its offerings. Today the selection was especially exciting – video of hatching tuatara from inside the burrow. Tuatara, of course, can only be found in New Zealand, and are the last living dinosaur. (Note: There is no “s” in Maori. All nouns are both singular and plural.) I saw an adult tuatara in real life about ten years... read more

Cool Spy Animals

As so often, it was reader and science communicator Amy Carparelli (@AmyAmylou1993 on Twitter) who brought this to my attention. John Nolan is making animatronic animals at his studio in London for use as spy animals. They’re for use in the filming of an upcoming documentary series. Spy Pup by John Downer The first is a meerkat pup, which the video says has taken months to design and build. They... read more

Doomsday Clock Moves Closer to Midnight

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists made this significant and serious move last week. However, there’s so much going on at the moment I didn’t find time to write about it. Then, the first thing I saw on CNN today was: Breaking News: Trump Administration Puts Iran on  Notice. General Michael Flynn, the US national security advisor said, “As of today, we’re officially putting Iran... read more

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