Simon’s Cat: A Christmas Update

Simon’s Cat is one of the features of the website that’s fallen by the wayside a bit. Life has got in the way, and, of course, I’m still learning what I want to do with this website. When I began just over three years ago, I didn’t think I’d be writing so much about the US for example. But then I didn’t think its people could revert to a president like Trump after one... read more

Homily: Sin and the Meaning of Christmas (plus Tweets)

There’s a tweet below in the “Christmas Tweets” section that links to a YouTube video about how fast Santa goes when he’s delivering the gifts annually. (It’s pretty funny – don’t skip it.)  At the start it says, “According to St Augustine Jesus chose the shortest day of the year, so symbolically he was lifting up from the bottom.” For goodness sake.... read more

Homily: Extreme Poverty in the US (plus Tweets)

I was Skyping with a friend in the US yesterday, and somehow we got onto the topic of people who live on the streets. He made the comment that you almost never see them in New Zealand. They are there of course. One of our biggest problems is a shortage of housing, especially at the lower end of the market in Auckland. (Excuse me for a sec – “Tweets” – I have to use that word in the... read more

Homily: Alabama and the GOP’s Future (plus Tweets)

It’s been almost a week since I did a tweets post, so you may have been wondering where I was. Mostly, I’ve been out of town at medical appointments. For obvious reasons, I don’t announce when I’m leaving town on the internet ahead of time! When I got back, it took me a couple of days to recover. Anyway, I’m pretty much back to normal now. (Well, normal for me.) So normal... read more

10 Dec 2017 Homily: Living in New Zealand (plus Tweets)

I began this tweets post yesterday, but (obviously) didn’t finish it. Now, I’ve just got back from lunch at the lovely Lauren’s Lavender Farm (the pic is one I took in January) and I don’t feel much like writing. However, I don’t want to waste yesterday’s efforts. It’s my birthday, and even more things than usual are crap right now, so I hope you’ll forgive... read more

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