I began this tweets post yesterday, but (obviously) didn’t finish it. Now, I’ve just got back from lunch at the lovely Lauren’s Lavender Farm (the pic is one I took in January) and I don’t feel much like writing. However, I don’t want to waste yesterday’s efforts.

It’s my birthday, and even more things than usual are crap right now, so I hope you’ll forgive me.

It’s not all bad of course. I’ve had some very nice birthday wishes, and lovely gifts. Various family members and friends have phoned, texted, and emailed, so I’m not forgotten or anything awful like that.

Besides, I live in New Zealand! There’s no violence in my life, and there’s not likely to be. If anything went wrong, the cops are trustworthy and I’ve got family I can turn to.

There’s virtually no corruption – even our politicians usually keep their promises. Like every New Zealand citizen, I don’t have to worry about the cost or availability of quality healthcare. I’m unlikely to ever have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, and even if I end up homeless, my family will take me in until I find somewhere.

There are millions around the world who would feel lucky to have my problems.


Political Tweets

So it started like this …
(Via Ann German.)


And this … (This is a cartoon I’ve tweeted myself in the past. I like it!)
(Via Ann German.)


But this is the sort of thing that is happening in the GOP. Apparently this person thinks that, “standing up for what is right” is the wrong thing to do. Their thought seems to be that, “sticking by your political party no matter what” is a good principle. Politics is like an extremist religion for many in the US. Instead of, “Lying for Jesus,” they’re “Lying for Trump,” or Moore, or whoever else suits the occasion. And it works too. Trump is president, Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court, and the latest polls have Moore looking like he will win in Alabama on Tuesday.
(Via Ann German.)


An appropriate response to the above tweet.
(Via Ann German.)


Another one.
(Via Ann German.)


Mueller Time Tweets

Well, that’s not what the Trump administration said …
(Via Ann German.)


As we all know (or should do) it’s beyond doubt that the Russians interfered in the US elections to try and get Trump elected and also to further their primary goal of undermining the idea of democracy. What we aren’t sure of is whether the Trump campaign knowingly colluded. There have been indications they did, but no smoking gun. That might be about to change …
(Via Ann German.)


Human Rights Tweets

Great news from Australia!!! Following the success of the campaign for same-sex marriage, and the high number of people voting “Yes”, parliament basically had no option but to introduce legislation to that effect. That was done the day the result of the vote was known, and not it’s gone through the process. Same-sex marriage is finally legal is Australia!!!

In Australia, couples have to give six weeks notice of their intention to marry, so the first same-sex weddings will be in January. (I always thought the six-week thing was funny because to the Kiwi ear, when an Aussie says “six” it sounds like “sex”.)


Of course, the “No” campaigners are still trying to make a noise. But they’re getting their come-uppance on Twitter and elsewhere. For example, this tweet:


Got this response:


And this one:


Other News Tweets

I love Trevor Noah, so I made a section just so I could put this in! This has got stuff about gun control, the California wildfires, and racism.


Religion Tweets

Oh FFS! Blame physics for me including this!


Sports Tweets

When I was eighteen, indoor hockey started in Gisborne (the town I grew up in). A group of primary school rep hockey players (including my youngest sister) wanted to play, but no one would have them. Most were 11-12, but one was only eight. So I took them on. Everyone underestimated us because we were young and small. But those kids had amazing skills, and their size was an advantage indoors. We won almost every game over the season, and eventually the whole competition!

This great kid reminds me of those kids. He’ll go far.


Architecture Tweets

Beautiful house. They don’t build them like this anymore! 🙂


Science Tweets

This stuff is beyond me, but I know a few of you understand it. I get that it’s a cool innovation though!


Marine Tweets

What fantastic filming! I was on the edge of my seat watching this. I felt the same way I do in the scary parts of horror movies. Wonderful!


What a great guy this is! It just goes to show what a difference one person can make in their corner of the world.


Bird Tweets

It’s enjoying it a bit too much!


Dog Tweets

These dogs are caterwauling!


Cat Tweets

I think this one was made for me!



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