31 Oct: Daily Homily (#MuellerTime) and Tweets

As you can imagine the Twitterverse is full of tweets about two things today: Halloween and the arrests resulting from the Mueller investigation. I predicted a couple of days ago that Paul Manafort would be the first arrest. Yesterday, though I didn’t say it anywhere publicly, I began to think there would be a second person. I had no idea who it would be though. Now Manafort and the second person,... read more

29 Oct: Daily Homily (Catalonia) and Tweets

There aren’t many tweets about the situation unfolding in Spain regarding Catalonia. So, I put up a few myself. I find the whole thing extremely worrying as it’s hard to see how there can be a peaceful resolution at this point. Personally, I oppose the calls for independence. However, the extreme heavy-handedness of the central government in Spain is appalling. Any government that perpetrates... read more

27 Oct: Daily Homily and Tweets

One of the tweets Ann German brought to my attention today is about the judicial system in Mississippi. The situation is so outrageous that I feel I have to do more than just present the tweet. A poor, young, woman had a baby. When the baby was four months old, she and the baby were passengers in a car that was pulled over in a traffic stop. (The baby was properly secured in a car seat.) When the officer... read more

26 Oct: Daily Homily (Weinstein and Determinism) and Tweets

Given the heinous nature of the actions of Harvey Weinstein, there are still plenty of tweets about him in the Twitterverse. He’s getting plenty of attention elsewhere too, and rightly so. In today’s fast moving news cycle, things get old too fast too often. Today Jerry Coyne was one of those who wrote a post about the a$$ho£e: ‘Harvey Weinstein, creep or psychopath?’. He looks at... read more

25 Oct: Daily Homily and Tweets

Most of those I follow on Twitter are of a similar mindset to me. As a result, most of the tweets from the US I see agree that Trump is a bad president and the country would be better off without him. However, I’m aware that I’m not seeing a representative cross-section of the country. That came home to me on of 8 November last year. That night I found out something was wrong with the... read more

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