Given the heinous nature of the actions of Harvey Weinstein, there are still plenty of tweets about him in the Twitterverse. He’s getting plenty of attention elsewhere too, and rightly so. In today’s fast moving news cycle, things get old too fast too often.

Today Jerry Coyne was one of those who wrote a post about the a$$ho£e: ‘Harvey Weinstein, creep or psychopath?‘. He looks at the issue from a deterministic viewpoint. I was asleep (it was about 4.30 am here) so I wasn’t part of the discussion.

As a determinist, I agree with Jerry’s point of view in relation to Weinstein.

What I want to talk about though is how Weinstein came to be the way he is. Weinstein is the tip of a very big iceberg. There are a lot of men who are as bad as him. However, there are literally billions who are misogynist or sexist to a greater or lesser extent. Many of them, perhaps most, don’t even realize it.

Casual sexism is such a big part of our society that many don’t even realize they’re doing it. And it’s not just men. There are plenty of women that don’t even notice the sexism. They just take it for granted.

Part of what creates men like Weinstein is genetic, and we can’t do anything about that. Well, not yet anyway. But part of it is also the environment in which he was brought up and in which he lives his life. We can do something about that.

One of the things we can do is teach the children in our lives how to treat others. The Golden Rule is to treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves. We must lead by example too. We cannot, for example. tell our children that violence is bad and no way to solve a problem, then smack them when they do something wrong.

The revelations of the sexually predatory behaviour of Weinstein and others has led to an increase in an awareness of this problem in our society. Lets hope it influences people to change their own behaviour and in turn what they model to those they influence. It is the only way to at least reduce this happening in the future.

Political Tweets

Ron Reagan, son of the late former president and board member of the Freedom From Religion Foundation made this statement.
(Via Ann German.)


Thank goodness the courts are still following the law, even if the Trump administration isn’t.
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Just sayin’.
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Environment Tweets

Scott Pruitt has no fu€king idea. He’s the worst of all Trump’s cabinet picks in terms of the mess he’s making, and that’s saying something.
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I’ve tweeted this before from another source, but it’s worth posting again. We need to see the good stuff from the Obama era that’s still helping to balance the depressing news from the Trump era.


Human Rights Tweets

Another brave Iranian woman.


More brave women in Iran.


Religion Tweets

The hypocrisy of the religious never ceases to amaze me.
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Art Tweets

Very cool!
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A storm in a teacup!


Entertainment Tweets

I remember this! Do you?
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Scenic Tweets

Love it! (That’s one way to hide the bomb damage!)


Science Tweets

What a fantastic kid!


Very cool!


Other Animals Tweets

If you’re in the UK, please consider giving your vote to the amazing people at SWCC. They named a hedgehog after me! They must be good!


This is one of the reasons why the good people at SWCC need your help.


Operation Baby Doormice! These gorgeous wee creatures need rescuing because they were born too close to hibernation time. They’re apparently normally weaned at around 40 days, but they’re only 17 days old and mum wants to hibernate.


What a cutie!


Bird Tweets

The big news is that this year the winner of New Zealand’s Bird of the Year competition was the Kea! Yay!!! Thank you to all of you who put in a vote. There were more votes this year than ever before thanks to international interest in the competition, and that means some of you. So, of course, we have to have lots of Kea tweets today.






Had enough yet? I haven’t …









I haven’t finished yet!





Dog Tweets

I’ve got a sibling who did this as a toddler. I won’t out the miscreant online. You know who you are!


Learning about hiccups!


Cat Tweets

This is the kitten I want!


This bloke has his priorities right!

Aren’t they lovely?!

It’s amazing what cats can manage when they want to get in stuff!


And they get into some weird sleeping positions too!



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