Winner of the Week – 18 October 2015: REST, Namibia

Yesterday I got this great video from Amy Carparelli (@AmyAmylou1993) on Twitter. It’s about the Rare and Endangered Species Trust (REST) in Namibia and the work they’re doing with the pangolin or scaly anteater. If you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see some of the other excellent work they’re doing as well, most recently with Beatrice the aardvark, who has injuries... read more

Worry of the Week – 11 October 2015: Kunduz, Afghanistan

My number one worry is still Syria, but it’s not the only part of the world that needs to concern us all at the moment. Another is the province of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan. The Taliban is resurgent there, and the people  are suffering even more than usual as a result. On 6 October 2013 there was a ceremony at the international military base in Kunduz. It marked the formal hand over from the... read more

Winner of the Week – 11 October 2015: Guinea, Sierra Leone & Liberia Free of Ebola

Fantastic news! Neither Guinea, Sierra Leone nor Liberia has had any new Ebola cases for almost two weeks. This is the second time Liberia has been declared disease-free, but they had a flare-up in June which set them back. Now though, it looks like they’ve finally got the all clear. As it stands now: Liberia: No new cases for more than 42 days, and thus officially free from Ebola. Sierra Leone: No... read more

Simon’s Cat – Two New Episodes

Somehow I’ve missed two new episodes of Simon’s Cat. One was posted almost two months ago and the other just over a week ago. So, without further ago … Pizza Cat (20 August 2015) and Box Clever (1 October 2015)   Share... read more

Winner of the Week – 4 October 2015: Japanese Rugby

The Japanese rugby team have been stunning everyone with their impressive performances at the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the United Kingdom. As a Kiwi, I should be writing about our team, the All Blacks. They’ve won all three of their matches so far and are still the favourites to win the tournament. In fact, I still think they will win overall and that’s not just because I’m a one-eyed New... read more

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