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17 Oct 2017: Homily (NZ Coalitions) and Daily Tweets

It’s been a couple of days, so I thought it was about time I did a tweets post. I’ve been partly writing a “proper” post, and partly taking time off. Spoiler Alert: the “proper” post is about the Iran Nuclear deal, which I support. It’s mostly written, and I know what the rest is going to say. However, I’m not up to writing today, so it’s on the... read more

Tweets and Homily: Fox Blames Clinton for Weinstein

The Twitter-verse is still full of tweets about Harvey Weinstein, which is no surprise. More and more women are coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment, assault, and rape. The MO (method of operation) many of them describe is very similar, which makes them all the more believable. While I was halfway through finding tweets for today’s post, I started playing the episode of Fox... read more

12 Oct 2017: Daily Homily (Sexual Predators in Politics) and Tweets

There are, naturally, a lot of tweets about the revolting activities of Harvey Weinstein at the moment. A lot of people are expressing their disgust in suitable terms, all trying to outdo each other with the words they can come up with. Most of them are a load of hypocrites. Yesterday I once again watched ‘The Five’ on Fox News. They had a segment about Harvey Weinstein. I also watched... read more

10 Oct 2017: Daily Homily (Compromise in Politics) and Tweets

The United States is rightfully proud of it’s origins. There is an underlying premise in the tweets from that country that comes from the First Amendment of their constitution – that they have freedom of speech. It’s a premise that all of us who live in democracies based on Enlightenment ideals rely on. But politics is broken in the US. It’s been getting worse for years. Those in... read more

8 Oct 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets

I’m happy to report that the New Zealand All Blacks won again! They played the South African Springboks in the early hours of this morning. This was the last game of “The Investec Rugby Championship” competition for both teams for this year. The All Blacks got through without losing a game and won the competition. (The other two teams in the competition are Australia and Argentina. They... read more

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