17 Nov 2017: Heather’s Homily (Roy Moore Again) and Tweets

There are two things dominating the tweets today when it comes to politics, and it’s easy to guess what they are. One is the ongoing saga of the Mueller investigation. The latest news is that papers relating to Trump real estate deals and Russia have been subpoenaed. The former British spy who wrote the so-called “dodgy dossier” on Trump says that this is where they are likely to find... read more

15 Nov 2017: Heather’s Homily (Marriage Equality in Oz) and Tweets

The fantastic news in this part of the world, seen in multiple tweets, is that the Aussies have come out in support of marriage equality. Anyone who thought that the result would be otherwise was dreaming of course. It’s been obvious for years that the majority of Aussies want same-sex marriage to be legal. This poll, though officially conducted, was a non-binding postal referendum. However, the... read more

14 Nov 2017: Heather’s Homily and Tweets

Shock, horror! When I did my tweets post on Sunday, I missed the fact that the All Blacks had beaten the French in a test match that morning! In fact, I was so ill that day I forgot the match was even on. There were also a couple of bad losses for NZ sports teams over the weekend. Tonga beat us in a match in the rugby league world cup, which is going on in New Zealand at the moment. That’s a bit of... read more

12 Nov: Homily (Sick Leave) and Tweets

I got these tweets yesterday, but the post never got completed because I’m unwell. I’m still a bit of a wreck, but there are some good tweets and I didn’t want them to go to waste. I don’t have much to bore you with today as the ole brain isn’t up to much. The New Zealand Breakers basketball team still haven’t lost a game this season and are therefore still on top of... read more

10 Nov: Homily (Winston Peters Again) and Tweets

I don’t know if there are any tweets about it because I haven’t looked, but a story in the Washington Post is causing a bit of a furore here. A USian living in NZ, Ben Mack, wrote a story for them called ‘How the far right is poisoning New Zealand‘. It’s incredibly ill-informed and quite maddening. The “far right” he’s talking about is Winston Peters, who... read more

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