I was trying to think of something to write about for this tweets post from the plethora of topics available. However, I’ve got a cold, and I’m still recovering from a day Christmas shopping in Taupo with my mother, so my brain’s not working.

So in the meantime, I was gathering tweets to add to the post. I found the one in the Marine Tweets section with a cool video of an octopus. As a comment, I wanted to write, “Octopi are cool.” “Octopi” got a red wave line, which actually isn’t uncommon in WordPress even for real words. It happens a fair bit because I write in English and not USian.

That lead me to check my spelling of octopi, and I got this:

The standard English plural of octopus is octopuses. However, the word octopus comes from Greek, and the Greek plural form is octopodes. Modern usage of octopodes is so infrequent that many people mistakenly create the erroneous plural form octopi, formed according to rules for Latin plurals.

You learn something new every day. I was taught by multiple people that the plural of octopus was octopi. I never thought to question it.

There’s another one that I only realized within about the last ten years that I’d been getting wrong. I often said, “I felt nauseous.” What I should have said was, “I felt nauseated.”

There are a couple of others. It’s quite embarrassing when you like to think you have a pretty good command of the English language, and you’ve been screwing it up for years. Probably a whole lot of people had a good laugh behind my back, “She thinks she’s so clever but … .”

At least I don’t mix up your/you’re, there/their, bought/brought, and we’re/were.

Is this stuff important? It depends on the situation, as with most things.

And yes, that pic is two octopuses mating.

Political Tweets

The lack of foresight and long-term planning in the GOP tax plan makes me wonder if those designing it have any knowledge of economics whatsoever. As this cartoon says perfectly, it’s all about short-term gain.


That’s a turn-up for the books when it comes to the GOP.
(Via Ann German.)


I think this tweeter has hit the nail on the head! (See the Political Tweets section here.)
(Via Ann German.)


Hasn’t he got a country to run?

This was the White House response:


Human Rights Tweets

Leigh Corfman is a woman who was only fourteen years at the time when when she says Roy Moore sexually abused her. In my opinion, her allegations are credible. Until recently, Moore used surrogates to attack her. Now he has done so himself so Corfman has written an open letter to him.
(Via Ann German.)


These are some of the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault.



Scary Kids Tweets

These tweets deserve a section all of their own!!!


What are those red things on the plate supposed to be? Tomatoes?


Mum’s scary too in this one. I wouldn’t drink juice poured by someone with that look on their face!


History Tweets

No comment necessary.


Art Tweets

I love watching this sort of thing!


Science Tweets

Cool machine! Of course, we wouldn’t need them if people just disposed of their rubbish correctly.


Other Animals Tweets

The third donkey thinks it’s so clever because it is!


Batman has found his match!


Reptile Tweets

Mama croc and her baby.
(Via Ann German.)


Marine Tweets

I wonder what it looks like to a seal?


Octopuses are cool!


Insect Tweets

What a gorgeous creature!


Bird Tweets



Very cool!


Ha ha!


Dog Tweets

That’s the way to do it!!!
(Via Ann German.)


People think this is funny! I feel sorry for the poor dog. He obviously has something wrong with his eyes, and it’s time his owner stopped throwing stuff at him and got him checked by a vet in case it’s something serious.
(Via Ann German.)


Isn’t this wonderful?!!!!!
(Via Ann German.)


Cat Tweets

This kitteh found a nice place to nest!


WOW!!! This is so cool!


Ha ha!!


Cute kitty.


Cat-eating fish? Catfish? Plot by alien fish overlords to steal all the planet’s cats? You decide.


What great looking cats! I bet they have heaps of character.



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