Boycott American Women …

No, those aren’t my words, they’re click bait! Every day I delete multiple comments trying to get onto the website. Most are trying to sell viagra, football jerseys, or some form of sex. Quite a few I can’t read because they’re in Russian or a character language I don’t recognize. Some are trying to attract readers to their own websites. That’s where the “Boycott... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round Two

Last week I posted Round One on this important event – finding Donald Trump’s winning tweet from all 36,000 ever written. However, only today President Trump came out with new missives that are right up there with the best. Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes….. — Donald J. Trump... read more

Simon’s Cat: Dinner Date

It’s a gorgeous day in New Zealand. There’s not a cloud in the beautiful blue sky, and the temperature and humidity are just right. Just the sort of day that reminds me how lucky I am to be born here whatever else is wrong with my life. 🙂 This is also the sort of day where writing about all the appalling things going on in the world seems wrong. Prompted by the ignorant comments of president... read more

Europe Benefits from the Trump Administration

Yes, you read that correctly: I’m saying something good is coming from the Trump presidency. Before you start questioning my sanity though, read a bit further. For some time Europe has seen a rise in ultra-right-wing nationalist political parties. Now this is Europe so while they often have religious links, they’re largely secular. Therefore, I’m not talking about groups like Family... read more

Simon’s Cat Logic: Do Cats Really Hate Water?

As I said in yesterday’s post, but I haven’t been up to doing much so. I am trying to write a proper post about Erudite Things, but I’m not getting far at the moment. This new Simon’s Cat came out a week ago and many of you will have already seen it on Why Evolution is True. To make up for that, there are some extras following the main feature! Simon’s Cat Logic: Do Cats... read more

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump’s Tweets and ‘Third Month Mania’: Round One

The old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. I’m a bit of a wreck at the moment, so this post will mostly be picture. They have this thing in the US they call March Madness. Everyone tries to guess who will win the NCAA men’s basketball. I’m a big fan of the New Zealand Breakers who play in the Australian Basketball League, but I don’t follow US... read more

International Women’s Day and Simon’s Cat

I’m in New Zealand, so International Women’s Day was actually yesterday. However, the rest of the world being a behind us when it comes to women’s rights is nothing new. 🙂 We were the first women to receive the vote in 1893. In addition, currently we have the highest education level in comparison to our men. Unfortunately, that hasn’t yet transferred to our wages –... read more

SPLC Lies About Maajid Nawaz. Again.

You may remember my posts late last year about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) ‘Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists’. Here are the links: Why Maajid Nawaz Shouldn’t be in SPLC’s ‘Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists’ Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali Shouldn’t be in SPLC’s ‘Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists’ SPLC Responds to my Complaint re ‘Field... read more

Atheists are Becoming More Popular!

In 2014 Pew Research did a survey about the way different religious groups within the US feel about each other. Within religious groups, there was also analysis by political affiliation. I wrote about it at the time, lamenting the low opinion most USIans have of atheists. I found that especially frustrating as studies show that atheists are actually statistically more likely to be good citizens (see data... read more

More Delusions About Religion: A Follow-Up

Back in August last year, I wrote the post ‘More Delusions About Religion‘. It was my response to a Letter to the Editor that a Chris McColl had sent to his local newspaper in Australia. I saw the letter because George Takei posted  it on his Facebook page. Yesterday, Chris himself came across my post and was good enough to respond to my comments. (I’m going to call Chris McColl... read more

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