My Picks for Top Tweets: 20 August 2017

Fifteen days of top tweets and counting. There are a lot of tweets from the Life on Earth account today, as it’s one that I enjoy very much. Often when I go there I end up stuck there for some time! You can see why below. The All Blacks beat the Wallabies (Australia) in a rugby test last night hence the indulgent featured image. It was a great game. The only problem was that is was in Sydney, so I... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 19 August 2017

Day 14 of top tweets. That’s two weeks! I’m quite proud of myself for keeping it going! All the nice comments are a great encouragement. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me. I’ve veered of track a little today by putting in a couple of Facebook posts of animals hanging out at Shepreth Wildlife Park in England. You can see they’re not worrying about the terrorism,... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 18 August 2017

Well, I’ve kept Top Tweets going for thirteen days now! Sorry I’m so late getting this up today – I’ve had responsibilities in the real world to discharge. It doesn’t happen very often, but obviously they have to come first. I’ve tried not to do too many political tweets today as a bit of a break from real life. I can’t not mention the awful events in Barcelona... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 17 August 2017

Day 12 of top tweets. There’s another new category today: “Other Apes”. By “Other” I mean, of course, not humans. The inaugural entry (though it’s not the first ape tweet – that was here) is a baby Hanuman Langur, which I’ve never heard of before. There are more pictures and video if you click through to the story, but I’ve put the video here too. I... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 16 August 2017

Day 11 of Top Tweets. I thought I could avoid it, but I can’t. Once again there are a lot of Political Tweets. Donald Trump is the president who keeps on giving. “I know some very fine white supremacists.” FFS. I don’t even know where to start. There’ll be some good cartoons about it very soon I’m sure. I’ll tweet then myself in the next day or two, then use them... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 15 August 2017

Day 10, and the tweets are still coming. I see President Trump has finally got around to condemning racism and the KKK. That’s great, but why does he always have to be dragged, kicking and screaming about people being unfair to him, to the altar of decency? When you are a leader, especially one as great as he says he is, this stuff should be instinct. Trump’s inability to prove himself as a... read more

The North Korea Crisis: A Donald Trump Creation

Originally, this post was a fuller analysis of the North Korea crisis. However, it became extremely long, so I’m chopping it into smaller posts. One section of the main post was a look at the way President Trump is handling the affair personally. It’s clear that Trump simply doesn’t have the ability to handle a situation as complex as North Korea. The complexities and nuances of... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 14 August 2017

Day 9 of daily tweets. I can feel the habit forming! It was really hard finding good tweets today. The Twittersverse is dominated by the events in Charlottesville. Thus, there are more tweets in relation to that horrible clash. I despair for humanity when things like this happen in a supposedly peaceful democracy. Sometimes you only have to scratch the surface of civilization to find something very ugly.... read more

My Picks for Top Tweets: 13 August 2017

Day 9 of daily tweets. These tweets are supposed to be, at least partly, an escape from some of the horrors going on around the world. I started writing today’s one and quickly veered off into the horrors of Charlottesville. Anyway, that’s all now part of a separate post, which subscribers will have seen already. So, apart from a few political tweets, and a mention of the ever-ghastly Pat... read more


I made a start on my usual Daily Tweets post and before I knew it, hundreds of words about the horror in Charlottesville were on the page. Thus, a separate post is in order. The violence is bad enough, but it’s what’s behind the violence that has me feeling physically ill. The blatant racism and bigotry on display is just sickening. Remember all those people who thought that electing a black... read more

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