Reza Aslan is Still Excusing Islam

Fareed Zakaria’s Why They Hate Us, updated to include the Orlando massacre, has been playing on CNN again this weekend. It’s an excellent documentary by one of my favourite commentators. (The full 40 minute documentary is at the bottom of this post.) Reza Aslan, who’s described throughout as a religious scholar, is included amongst the experts talking about the intersection between Islam and the... read more

Simon’s Cat: Cat Logic – Feeding

There’s a new Simon’s Cat video in the Cat Logic series. If you haven’t come across these before, the maker of Simon’s Cat, Simon Tofield has been making a series of videos with veterinarian Nicky Trevorrow about cat care. This one is about feeding. There’s a reference in the video to meals on tables and a cartoon by Simon of a cooked chicken on the table and Simon’s... read more

Reforming the US Electoral System

A couple of days ago I posted a clip from Dave Rubin where he suggested that supporting Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson in polls in order to get him the 15% support required to feature in the presidential debates might help to force the two major parties to reform. Whether or not that would work is questionable, but I thought it wouldn’t do any harm. In the comments I was rightly criticized... read more

Who Y’all Gonna Vote For America?

Anyone who follows this blog knows that if I was a US citizen I’d be voting for Hillary Clinton in the November elections. I don’t claim that she’s the perfect candidate, but I do think she’s the best option. She’s wickedly smart, easily the best informed, and although I know I’m not going to convince anyone who believes differently, not the crook and liar she’s... read more

Guest Post: Bikini vs Burqa by Amy Carparelli

Recently, European reader and science communicator Amy Carparelli came across an article entitled Burka Vs Bikini – The Debauchery Of American Womanhood by Henry Makow (PhD).  Makow’s conclusions about why women wear bikinis are incredibly simplistic. An example of his writing: I am not an expert on the condition of Muslim women and I love feminine beauty too much to advocate the burka here.... read more

What is Terrorism?

Professor Martha Crenshaw of the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC) at Stanford is an expert on terrorism. Following are three videos produced in 2014 that make up one lecture, jointly titled Understanding Terrorism. The first video, What is Terrorism?, discusses definitions. The second, What Causes Terrorism, provides some very useful analysis. The third, Does Terrorism Work. takes... read more

Voting for the US Supreme Court

The two main candidates for the United States presidency both have a problem appealing to voters in terms of favourability and trustworthiness. Personally I consider the claims of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty to be overblown, which I wrote about here. In fact, analysis of her statements in the course of the election shows she is actually one of the more honest politicians. However, once someone has... read more

Wildlife Aid Saves Ducklings From Drowning

I’ve almost finished another post (it should be up later today), but in the meantime I couldn’t resist this wonderful story brought to my attention by Amy Carparelli. Enjoy! Share... read more

More Delusions About Religion

I saw this Letter to the Editor in George Takei’s Facebook feed yesterday. I’m not sure which newspaper it’s from, but it’s probably an Australian one because the writer is from Kalangadoo, which is a tiny settlement in South Australia. It’s not easy to read, so here’s my re-typing of it: If you are worried about terrorism coming to our shores, then please cast your... read more

Simon’s Cat: Fish Tank

I’m in the middle of a new post. In the meantime, Simon Tofield has posted a new episode of Simon’s Cat, called ‘Fish Tank’ billed as “a curious cat fishing for trouble.” Tofield also says there’ll soon be a new episode in the ‘Cat Logic’ series too, which will be about cat feeding. Those of you on Facebook may have seen this recently as well.... read more

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