The big news today of course is the storm and flooding in Texas. I find it really hard to get my head around the amount of rain that’s fallen in the area. There are place in NZ that flood quite often, and I’ve been in some biggies in my life, but nothing like this. Tweets cannot do it justice, but I’ll try.

I’m also going to indulge myself by using some of my own tweets today. They may not be “top” tweets, but they say some things about the US that I think need saying.

I feel like I’ve been focusing too much on the US lately. There are things happening in other places that need to be written about too. One is what is being done in GB. PM Teresa May needs a metaphorical butt kicking, for example, because of the way those in need of help the most are being made to suffer. In wealthy countries like ours, there’s no need for there to be such misery. The problem is Donald Trump is just so much worse than anyone else.

Whenever I write about helping the poor, there are too many with the idea that the middle class will have to suffer to fix the problem. That’s because most people don’t realize just how wealthy the top 5% of any country is. They have more money than they could ever possibly need, and could easily help all those living below the poverty line without it having any effect on their life-style.

More income equality actually creates more money in an economy, not less, so long term all people are better off. Not enough people know the basics of economics. It’s actually not that hard, and I’d really like to see it as a core subject in high school. There are a lot of people who vote against their own interests in elections, but often it’s not their fault. They believe what they’re told by people they should be able to trust.

One of the biggest problems is that trickle-down economics does seem to make sense. “A rising tide lifts all boats” and other sayings are accepted as truisms. In fact, it’s not true. The data show it’s false over and over again. It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, and that’s why the wealthy keep on promoting it. The Trump tax cuts that they all want will make those who are already wealthy more so. It will NOT help those who need help the most.

There aren’t many things I agree with the pope on, but he’s got it right here. Maybe that’s why Catholics on the far right of politics are dismissing what he says.

Pope Francis on trickle-down economics.


Cat Tweets

You never know!


I didn’t know cats ate these!


Ha ha …


I love this pic.


Daily double …

Too true …


And it doesn’t get cuter than this!!!

Dog Tweets

Is this a real dog? 😀


Other Animals Tweets

White pigs can’t jump …


Could be true!
(Via Ann German.)

Bird Tweets

Keeping the kids warm …


Who’s spotted whom?

Marine Tweets

I’m glad I’m not a parent in this species …


Insect Tweets

Common Darter dragonfly.


Dragonflies getting it on …

Political Tweets

Wow! And you thought the story of Arpaio’s pardon couldn’t get any crazier!


Trump being Trump when he speaks is never good …


Good on him for his honesty.
(Via Ann German.)


More on Trump’s values …


On Trump’s supporters …


On Afghanistan …


On US National Parks …

Scenic Tweets

I didn’t know it looked like this! It’s so cool!!! Perhaps I should have put it in the Art Tweets section? Does anyone know if it’s possible to see the Eiffel Tower like this when visiting Paris?


Italy just keeps on giving …




It took me a while to work this photo out. Now I have I can’t get enough of it.


Weather Tweets

An aerial view of some of the damage in Texas.


I don’t know enough to know what to say about this, but I’m assuming this has happened because they’ve been rained out.


“I’m going to save some lives.”


The poor animals don’t know what’s going on.


The Coast Guard is saving people and animals.


If I find the time, I’m writing a post on this and related topics over the next few days …



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