I didn’t get up until nearly noon today! But on Sunday morning, in the middle of winter, on a very dismal day, what else is there to do? πŸ˜€

But I now feel better than I have for a while and here we are – Day Two – I’ve kept the tweets going for two days! That’s progress. My record for keeping this sort of thing up isn’t that good though, so no one hold your breath!

Today, some of these are my own tweets. I often tweet political cartoons I find on Facebook, so I thought I’d use some here.

Some of today’s offerings are from yesterday, but that’s likely to happen a lot. Our position on the international date line means New Zealand is always ahead of everyone else, and that’s not changing any time soon! πŸ˜€

Cat Tweets


Reader Ann German sent me this one. You may remember Ann from the Impeach Trump post and her IMPEACH PUSSY GRABBER stickers.

Other Animal Tweets

This isn’t Heather the Hedgehog, but they may know one another as they’re both at SWCC. What a cutie!

Another wee gem from Ann German, who you can find on Twitter here.


Political Tweets

This is Jacinda Adern. At 37, she’s just become leader of the New Zealand Labour Party, currently our second most popular political party. Our next election is in September and her taking the reins will likely boost the party’s chances.


Another great tweet from Ann German, who posts great stuff a lot. She often finds interesting things which I’d never find without her.

Another coincidence? Yesterday I put this tweet up. If you were a more gullible audience, I could claim I knew something. (See the next Tweet!)

And another Fox News host is on suspension for sexual misconduct. What is it with the men at Fox News? He was on ‘The Five’ though recently became the lead on his own show, ‘The Specialists’. I used to watch ‘The Five’ a lot, though I haven’t for a while because Jessie Watters is on it now and his constant lies in order to Diss the Democrats drive me nuts. Different opinions are fine – alternative facts aren’t.

Comedy Tweets

Miscellaneous Tweets

Another from Ann German.



This is pretty cool!


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