Naturally, there are still a lot of tweets about Las Vegas dominating Twitter.

In New Zealand, it’s the ‘Breakfast’ news show topping the list. I have no idea why as I don’t watch TV in the mornings.

One of our politicians, Winston Peters, is also getting a lot of mentions. I don’t want to check out why as I can’t stand the man. He’s the leader of a small political party called NZ First. They did try and get NZ’s blasphemy law off the books at one stage. That would obviously be a good thing. But, that wasn’t Winston and small parties make all sorts of promises they know they can’t keep.

Winston Peters will probably be our next deputy prime minister. That’s because whichever of the two main parties he forms a coalition with will lead our next government. That’s why everyone’s noticing him at the moment. Usually it’s because he’s said or dome something outrageous. I’m happy to wait until tonight’s 6 o’clock news to find out what’s happening. The chances are it’s just Winston being a showman.

There are also lot of comments about the attitude of President Trump towards the victims of the various tragedies that have best the US recently too. People are picking up on the different way he acts towards different people. He was very respectful towards the victims of the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, as he should be.

When it came to Puerto Rico though, he was much more dismissive. He posted around five times more about the NFL protest than Puerto Rico. And, he complained about Puerto Rico blowing his budget and how much money they owe.

Further, this man, who never misses an opportunity to express his disgust at Islamist terrorists, doesn’t seem too angry, in comparison, about this white shooter. It’s similar to his reaction to Charlottesville, where he talked about there being “good people” amongst the white supremacists.

I’m sure Trump doesn’t see anything wrong with his reactions. Certainly there are plenty who make excuses for him. As someone who seems entirely unable to read body language himself, he doesn’t realize how he comes across.


Political Tweets

It’s true that it’s much more difficult to get help to an island, so an initial delay was inevitable. I also think those on the ground are doing their best. However, the reaction of Trump makes it seem like the situation in Puerto Rico isn’t a big deal and the people don’t need help. Oxfam are critical of the response in Puerto Rico. They usually don’t assist in disasters in First World countries, but they will be going there.

The “Let them eat cake” quote from Marie Antoinette was one of the first things that came to my mind in the paper-towel-tossing episode. I clearly wasn’t the only one.


“Mis-communicator-in-Chief” is a good title for him. It’s a result of his complete lack of empathy.


Unlike most anti-Trump people, I’m happy to admit that some attacks on him re Puerto Rico were unfair. However, I think all the ones I’m bringing up are fair. Here’s the reaction of a local.


Just sayin’.


Gun Control Tweets

Great speech from Rep John Lewis. (I wish he’d practiced it a bit first though. Having to read it like that spoils the rhythm. I bet whoever wrote it feels the same!)

A selection of my own tweets from today on this subject.





Human Rights Tweets

Good news.


It saddens me that women in the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world still have to march for equality.


Videos like this make you realize just how lucky you are to be born in the sort of country most of us were. Many of us might have had a rough time as kids in some way. Many of us still do. But it’s nothing like what these kids go through.

Weather Tweets

Tropical Storm Ramon may get stronger. The last thing the region needs at the moment! I wonder if mass prayers would help?


Economics Tweets

It’s about time the GOP caught up with the rest of the world when it comes to climate change. The US is such a big country that what they do damages all of us.


I don’t know what section to put this in. I do know I want one!

Entertainment Tweets

Jerry Lee Lewis and Colonel Sanders! I love a good Zinger Burger. It’s a good thing the nearest KFC is around 1.5 hours away!


Cool pic.


Wow! Amazing work! That’s a better way of covering that sexy naked hair than a hijab!


I’ve seen this story before – it’s been around a while. But it’s so lovely I want to post it.


History Tweets

John F Kennedy and daughter Caroline.


I know this is serious stuff, but check out the haircuts!


Archaeology Tweets

Very cool.


This Twitter account is always interesting.


Space Tweets

This is an ad to let us know a space walk will be on TV at 6.30 am Thursday EDT. That’s 11.30 pm tonight (Thursday) in NZ.


What the Canada-arm does on the ISS.

Bird Tweets – All NZ Natives Today!

Catching up with the latest tweets from Dr Andrew Digby. First the Takahe habitat.





And more Kakapo. (See here for lots of chick pics.)



And a bonus Kea to finish up the Bird Tweets section.


Insect Tweets

Cool pic.

Other Animals Tweets

I did a post on Pangolin way back in October 2015. This is part of what I wrote:

Pangolin meat is considered a delicacy, and the scales are used in some Asian medicines. They are protected by law, but because of the belief in their medicinal value, they continue to be hunted. According to Nature:

The animal itself is eaten, but a greater danger arises from the belief that the scales have medicinal value. Fresh scales are never used, but dried scales are roasted, ashed, cooked in oil, butter, vinegar, boy’s urine, or roasted with earth or oyster-shells, to cure a variety of ills. Amongst these are excessive nervousness and hysterical crying in children, women possessed by devils and ogres, malarial fever and deafness.

That article in Nature was from 1938, but it looks like things haven’t changed much. The REST website has this to say:

Trade in pangolin scales continues to be a huge problem in many Asian countries. Ships have been found recently with up to 10,000 tons of scales from different species in Africa and additional tons of whole carcasses.

I was reminded of the post because of this cool tweet:


Dog Tweets

Okay, this is a lovely dog, but it the person taking the video sitting on the toilet here? And who’s holding the camera?


Who can resist puppies? Not me! (No, that’s not a double entendre!)


This one is especially for my sister Brenda.

Cat Tweets

This first one is from Facebook, rather than Twitter. Also, despite the fact that it’s a post from the NZ Police, it was Jerry Coyne who found it for me! I’m glad he did – it’s lovely.


A baby Bengal! It’s so cute! (This is especially for Jerry for finding me the video above.)


Learning to walk … Awwww!


Ha ha!


Very cool cat. It’s not going to let anything disturb its rest.


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