1 Oct 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets

This will be my last Sunday post of tweets for a while. I’m finding it very difficult to keep up with this every day, so I’m going to take 2-3 days off each week. I’m not quite sure which days I’ll do yet, but, of course, I’ll let you know.

Also, on those few days where I do a “proper” post, I won’t be doing a tweets post too.

The good news is the All Black have just won another match! We played the Pumas (Argentina) at Estadio José Amalfitani in Buenos Aires and you can see the score!

It was a bit of a sloppy performance by the All Blacks, though several players had excellent individual games. Davil Havili got a try on his debut, which is great for him. There was some talk that the All Blacks were disrespecting the Pumas by the quality of the forwards they sent. However, the forwards were dominant over the Pumas forwards despite their skill.

A bad tackle saw our captain get a yellow card, which is not good. He was lucky not to get a red card. There was no malice in the tackle which is perhaps what made the difference. A Puma also got a yellow card earlier in the game.

This match is part of a four-way tournament that also includes Australia (Wallabies) and South Africa (Springboks). Before the game started, NZ was already the winner of the tournament as we have won all our games so far and have a lead that can’t be beaten.

We still have another match next week though, and it will be a matter of pride to win that. It’s against South Africa, in South Africa. They will want to make up for their big loss the last time we met, so I expect some fireworks. (Come to think of it, that game will be on a Sunday NZ time, so I might have to do another Sunday tweets post!)

These Pumas fans enjoyed the try they scored! (I wonder if that Massachusetts librarian thinks this hat is racist?)


NZ captain Kieran Reid scored two tries for the All Blacks.


There weren’t many NZ fans in the crowd, but the camera did find this one:

The All Blacks got into the local culture while they were in Argentina. Here are three of them trying out their language skills.


Political Tweets

Why is anyone still surprised at the tone-deaf reactions of the US president?


Some more …


Religion Tweets

Excellent news!

I have very little time for NZ political party NZ First, but they do have one policy I support – the repeal of our blasphemy law.


 Architecture Tweets

I think I said before  I want stained glass in my dream house. This example is not what I want, but it shows why I want it.


Earliest known pic of the White House.


Science Tweets

It’s cool being a continent!


Now there’s an answer to the algebra question I never thought of!


Science is so cool!!!


Scenic Tweets



One of Guatemala’s amazing Mayan temples.


There are lovely places like this all over the Pacific. Many even have hotels where you can get down into the ocean through the floor of your room.

Bird Tweets

Dr Andrew Digby was a great find on Twitter! Here are some more Kakapo chick pics and videos from him. Fantastic! (The first four tweets are the chicks from yesterday’s video in the Bird Tweets section.)







Other Animals Tweets

Isn’t it cute?!


Not what you want to find when you go to the bathroom! Beats finding a spider in the bath!


Where are its eyes?


Dog Tweets

This dog would make a good rugby player with that slide-stop. All he needs is a ball and he could be scoring a try!

Cat Tweets

Genius cats!


Look at that moustache! (Yes, that’s how we spell it in proper English!)


What a cutie!


This is in the Cat Tweets section because the cat is clearly in charge! The poor old dog looks rather resigned to his role as a cat bed. Like humans, he’s knows that getting up is not allowed in these situations!


Now that’s a moggy!


More adorable kitties.


Digital Art.



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14 Responses to “1 Oct 2017: Daily Homily and Tweets”

  1. Jenny Haniver says:

    Yeah, I think that you need to find the pace and rhythm that fits you, just as you find and comment on what interests you;, which doesn’t mean straining yourself to do what ends up becoming a burden, mentally or physically,despite your enthusiasm and that of your readers to do it all.

    To add my two cents as a reader, I find better when you have substantive posts as stand-alone pieces, separate from and the tweets (and your comments on them, of whatever length or brevity).

    The Kakapo chicks peck at my heart and funny bone. I love ‘em.

  2. Diane G. says:

    Very cool Zealandia article!

  3. Steven in Tokyo says:

    What is wrong with Trump? Does he have no empathy at all? He doesn’t seem to be able to sustain even a pretense of ordinary decency …

    • I remember when Bill Clinton made the stupid move of meeting Loretta Lynch on her airplane. When asked what they talked about, he said golf and grandchildren. People who knew Clinton found that completely plausible as he was known to go on about his granddaughter at length. Trump simply couldn’t believe that you could talk about grandchildren at length. He would muse publicly about it, and he couldn’t think of anything beyond about 30 seconds, then you’re done. He thought the same about golf, unless you had just met one of the greats, but he still thought there’s no way a “golf and grandchildren” conversation could last more than two minutes at the most. That told me a lot about him, and how completely self-centred he is.

      • j.a.m. says:

        Anybody who knows anything at all about Clinton knows that he was either (a) hitting on her, or (b) obstructing the administration of justice, or (c) both.

        • Couldn’t help yourself could you.

          • Steven in Tokyo says:

            Can’t we just politely ask this j.a.m person to stay away? The occasional sensible remark is outweighed enormously by this sort of thing.
            I am not you, Heather, but if I were, I would take away the welcome mat.

          • j.a.m. hasn’t actually broken the rules, and he’s allowed a different opinion.

            There are occasions when there have been personal attacks towards other commenters, but on those occasions other commenters have been just as insulting towards him. So, it would be unfair to ban him and not ban them too.

            Many of us, including me, are guilty of biting back when we could just ignore him. At the same time, it’s hard to ignore things that are wrong rather than differences of opinion.

            I do keep an eye on the issue. j.a.m. has had warnings, and has apologized on each occasion.

            People have been banned in the past and I will do it again if/when I think a line has been crossed.

          • jimbo says:

            j.a..m. wouldn’t hang out here if he/she weren’t at least open to hearing (and considering?) opposing ideas, at least that’s my take. If the reason is actually to sway opinion or just be annoying, that seems like a stupid and/or crazy waste of his/her time. But whatever floats yer boat…

  4. Yakaru says:

    Somehow, Kieran Read’s in that pic looks like something straight out of Footrot Flats!

    • Ha ha, yeah he does. In fact he strikes the pose of Wal scoring a try perfectly.

      I made a mistake above too because I was tired when I was writing. It was two NZers who got cards. The first was completely unjustified. He was carded for collapsing the maul when he was holding the ball. There were comments on Twitter about this being the same ref who has cost the All Blacks a world cup in the past through such decisions.

  5. nicky says:

    I’m kind of puzzled, their nickname is ‘Los Pumas’, but their insignia shows a Jaguar. ‘Los Jaguares’?

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