Third Month Mania: Bullshit Bracket (Final)

The post I wrote yesterday about Trump’s lies was originally going to be the introduction to today’s post. However, as you saw, it got rather long! So, it became a post on it’s own. Now I’m pretty much out of words to introduce the final of Third Month Mania: Bullshit Bracket. This competition is The Daily Show’s annual version of March Madness. Last year they gave the... read more

Trump’s Easter Twitter Lies

Tomorrow we’ll have the final of Third Month Mania. The original 64 lies will be down to two items – one from each conferences. Theconferrences are the Donald Trump and the Everyone Else. The two conferences are fitting. Some of the contenders in the competition being pretty big purveyors of bullshit on their own. Personnel at Fox News who made the list come to mind. However, Trump tells so... read more

NZ Police Must Wear Body Cameras (plus Tweets)

I was tweeting a bit a couple of days ago, especially about one of my pet topics – gun safety in the US. As a result I felt the need to do a short post to include a few of those tweets. You’ll have to excuse my solipsism here – there are quite a few of my own tweets in this post. As I said in my last post, the New Zealand Police have killed less than fifty people in the last century. It... read more

Third Month Mania: Bracket of Bullshit (Semi-Final)

Okay. Just a quick post to get the latest results in. We’ve now got the semi-final contestants in the Bracket of Bullshit. You can see who these winners were up against here. First a recap. At the start there were 64 claims of bullshit that made it into the competition. These were split into two conferences: Donald Trump vs Everyone Else. Those two conferences were each split into two divisions. At... read more

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