Has the USA Education System Been Set-Up to Fail?

I have to say up front that I have no expertise whatsoever in the field of education. This post is just a comment on what looks to me like a disaster waiting to happen. If anyone can give me evidence that my instinct is wrong, I’ll be glad to hear it. From an outsider’s point of view, pre-tertiary education in the US hasn’t looked that great for a while. They’ve been slipping down... read more

Bishop Brian Tamaki: Gays Caused the Christchurch Earthquakes

In the early hours of Monday morning, New Zealand experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.  Two people were killed and there has been extensive damage. The lives of thousands were thrown into turmoil. Any earthquake that big is naturally reported all over the world.  Naturally, international media were keeping an eye on what our major news outlets were reporting. As a result, when a New Zealand bishop said... read more

Looking Forward to Trump’s First Day

So this happened: The guy who said the election was rigged won the presidency with the second-most votes — Josh Levin (@josh_levin) November 9, 2016 Trump agreed the system was unfair four years ago, although I’m not quite sure what his reasoning was. The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2012 And this is what else he had to... read more

It’s Not Looking Good

Eight years ago I watched the United States elect Barack Obama. For the first time in many years I felt some hope for that country. As I’d watched it over the previous few years, especially since 9/11, I was concerned that the level of racism and sexism in the most powerful nation on earth didn’t seem to be reducing as fast as the rest of the developed world. In 2008, the rest of the world had an... read more

The United States Election is Almost Over

This time tomorrow we’ll have a pretty good idea who the next president will be. Most of the states will have finished voting and the preliminary counting will be done in many states as well. Despite FBI Director insinuating himself in the election at the last minute, I still expect Hillary Clinton will win, and win big. Many Trump voters are expecting a Brexit-type surprise. I think this is... read more

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