Why Didn’t They Come Forward Earlier?

Since the second presidential debate, there have been at least eight women who have come forward with allegations that they have been subjected to unwelcome sexual attention from Donald Trump. The ongoing reports of bad behaviour by Trump hasn’t made a single dent in the confidence of many of his supporters though. Some don’t care about what he’s done and consider his racism, sexism,... read more

The Second US Presidential Debate and its Aftermath

Note: In quoting Donald Trump, this post includes crude and sexually explicit language. Just 48 hours before the second presidential debate, the Washington Post released an eleven-year-old video in which, among other things, Trump boasts of sexually abusing women and getting away with it. In any relationship when it gets to the point where one person feels contempt for the other there’s usually no... read more

Kaine vs Pence: The Thriller in Vanilla

No, I didn’t make that up – the credit goes to Greg Gutfeld of Fox New’s The Five and The Greg Gutfeld Show. I like it though, so I’m using it! So, one hour and 40 minutes before the vice-presidential debate even started the RNC (Republican National Committee) released a press release on their website stating that the Republican candidate, Mike Pence, won the debate. It was a... read more

Trump is Crowd-Sourcing his Preparation for the Second Presidential Debate

After posting my opinion about whether Donald Trump should attack Hillary Clinton for her treatment of the women her husband had some form of sexual relationship with (whether consensual or not) today, I checked my e-mails. Despite not ever signing up for them, I get regular updates from the Trump campaign. Today I received this one:   This is the link to the survey so you can check it out for... read more

Should Donald Trump Bring Up the Clinton Sex Scandals in the 2nd Presidential Debate?

Short answer: “No.” A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one sums things up pretty well: There’s a lot more to it than that though of course. Everyone except Trump and his most blinkered acolytes accept that he lost the first debate. One of the reasons for that is the hit that Clinton got in right at the end regarding the way he treated former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. For... read more

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