Simon’s Cat: Halloween 360˚

This is another of those 360˚ videos where you need to drag the view around with your mouse. See how many times you can see Simon’s Cat creeping around in the dark!   Simon Tofield posted this video of him painting a Halloween scene a couple of days ago too:   And he put this on his Facebook page for Pumpkin Day (27 October): And after Simon’s Cat Halloween Special: The Monster, this... read more

America’s Healthcare Problem

It’s less than two weeks before election day and it’s just been announced that Obamacare premiums are increasing significantly next year. In a normal election cycle this would have been the October surprise that could have sunk the Clinton campaign, but Donald Trump has already damaged his own campaign so much that it’s likely to make little difference to the final result. However,... read more

The Third US Presidential Debate

The moderator of this debate, Chris Wallace of Fox News, was by far the best moderator we’ve seen this season in my opinion. He largely stuck to the topics, asked good questions, kept the candidates in line, and even kept control of the audience. Wallace selected the topics himself. They were the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot-spots, immigration, debt and entitlements, and fitness to be... read more

Simon’s Cat Halloween Special: The Monster

Simon’s Cat is back in a Halloween Special, where he confronts every cat’s nightmare – the vacuum cleaner. I have heard of cats who actually like vacuum cleaners and even let their staff vacuum them, but I’ve never met one. My experience is that their reaction is much more like that of Simon’s Cat: Share... read more

The Battle for Mosul has Begun

On 24 June 2014, a few hundred DAESH troops entered Iraq’s second largest city Mosul. By the end of the day they had forced the withdrawal of tens of thousands of Iraqi soldiers and taken over the city of around two million. Five days later DAESH’s self-appointed leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, announced the formation of a new caliphate – a successor to that Atatürk had declared was over... read more

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