Simon’s Cat Halloween Special: The Monster

Simon’s Cat is back in a Halloween Special, where he confronts every cat’s nightmare – the vacuum cleaner. I have heard of cats who actually like vacuum cleaners and even let their staff vacuum them, but I’ve never met one. My experience is that their reaction is much more like that of Simon’s Cat:

4 Responses to “Simon’s Cat Halloween Special: The Monster”

  1. Jenny Haniver says:

    I had a dear little female cat named Fido (because she followed me around like a dog)who absolutely loved to be vacuumed. The minute she’d see the vacuum, she went nuts and demanded to be hoovered all over, from ears to tail. She’d be in ecstasy. On the other hand, her pal, the big male, Mongo, freaked if he saw the vacuum. But he loved for her to chew softly on his ears; and they really liked to feign fighting, then he’d roll over on his back, let her leap up and pounce on him as if she’d won the fight — for that, he’d get more ear chewing.

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