I’ve Finally Found A Use For Trigger Warnings!

As I said in my post yesterday about The Donald’s response to the tragedy in Orlando, such events bring out the best and worst in people. Here are some of the most revolting responses by average US citizens. There is a good one at the end to finish up as a balm for shredded nerves. Some people we already know are The Worst and they responded accordingly. It took me several tries to get through this... read more

The New Zealand Response to the Orlando Mass Shooting

New Zealand’s prime minister John Key phoned his golfing buddy President Obama to offer our country’s condolences following the murders in Orlando, which were apparently warmly received. This afternoon, in their first day back since the tragedy, spokespeople from all seven political parties in New Zealand’s parliament spoke about the tragedy on the official record. John Key (National... read more

Trump Continues To Prove His Ignorance In The Wake Of Orlando

CNN‘s Anderson Cooper struggled through a list of the names of the forty-nine victims at the start of his show today. Each was accompanied by a short biography and often a photograph. That’s where the focus needs to be in the aftermath of this tragedy. Cooper himself has a policy of not naming the perpetrator in mass shootings to enable this. I’m not going to name him today either,... read more

The Great Barrier Reef

Once again Amy Carparelli has sent me a video that deserves as wide an audience as possible. This clip of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was published in December 2015 by and is full of wonderful images, in the true sense of the word. Enjoy! Share... read more

Is the Authoritarian Left Responsible for the Rise of Trump?

Well no, of course not, but that’s just my opinion. Others think differently apparently. Last week Quillette published an article by philosopher Peter Boghossian (Portland State University) and James Lindsay (mathematician and author) called ‘The Article About Trump Nobody Will Publish‘. It came to my attention when I read Jerry Coyne’s take on it this morning over at his website,... read more

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