Brexit Happened, But What Happens Next?

I thought the eminently sensible British would vote Bremain but I got it wrong. It’s a perennial problem with referenda – people vote on emotions, half of those voting are of less than average intelligence, and a majority aren’t fully informed on the issue. In my opinion, that is what has happened here. While there were people on the Brexit side who analysed the situation and genuinely... read more

Why I Oppose Brexit

On Thursday Britain will vote on whether or not to remain in the European Union. This is a vitally significant decision for both Britain and Europe and in my opinion, far more important than a general election. It will have far-reaching consequences that will last generations. The vote is happening because prime minister David Cameron was stupid enough to promise a referendum on the matter during the... read more

Leave Military Jihad to the Military says Qatari Professor

Qatari professor Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari appeared on Saudi Arabia’s Rotana Khalijiya TV on 3 June 2016 as an advocate for the more modern form of jihad that many Muslims today are embracing. I found it particularly interesting as he is saying the same thing I have been regarding the way some Muslims respond to adversity – that is with a violence that they justify by turning to the Qur’an.... read more

Simon’s Cat: Cat Naps

This year Simon Tofield of Simon’s Cat started a new initiative called Simon’s Cat Logic – he’s been doing videos about cat behaviour with the help of an expert, veterinarian Nicky Trevorrow. This one, entitled Why Do Cats Sleep in Unusual Places? is actually the fifth in the series. I never quite got around to posting the others, but I’ve put links to them below. 28 January... read more

Guest Post: Why I’m Reluctant to Criticize Islam by Paxton Marshall

Heather asked me recently: I am curious about your reluctance to criticize Islam. It’s like you’re saying that there is one idea, amongst all the ideas in the world, that is immune from being questioned or challenged. With another horrific Islamist murder spree having just occurred in Orlando Florida USA, I am impelled to try to answer the question. It’s not so much that I am reluctant to criticize... read more

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