Our Planet: The Dolomites

I’ve been a bit slack keeping up with the wonderful work of Martin Heck of TimeStorm Films, but thanks to reader Amy Carparelli bringing it to my attention we’re not going to miss out. (The TimeStorm Films link is to their Facebook page, so it’d be great if you could express your appreciation of their work by liking the page if you’re on Facebook.) The Dolomites are a beautiful... read more

I’ve Been Ministered To; It Didn’t Work

My front door is a ranchslider, so when two women knocked on it yesterday I could see they were missionaries. I answered it anyway, and let the one who did the talking give her spiel. I told her I thought Seventh Day Adventists were evil with all their rubbish talk of the end of the world going around frightening vulnerable people. “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses,” she said. I laughed,... read more

Auē Tēnei Wiki: Saudi Therapist Gives Advice on Wife Beating

Over and over again conservative representatives of Islam try to tell us that not only are women respected within their religion, they are more respected than women in secular countries. Any criticism of the treatment of women is dismissed as lack of understanding, or misunderstanding. Up to a point I can understand these attitudes displayed towards women from men brought up in a conservative Muslim... read more

I’m Not Dead, But Bernie’s Mortally Wounded

It’s been a while, but I’m back. The main problem hasn’t been me, but my computer. It’s been in the hospital most of the last two weeks, but a lovely young man called Benjamin has sorted it for me. He’s been very reasonable with his charging too, but New Zealand’s health system doesn’t extend to laptops so don’t be surprised if a begging button appears on my... read more

US Election: Candidate Support by Issue

I’ve just come across this fascinating poll released last week by the Pew Research Center which shows voters’ views on major issues vs which candidate they’re supporting. Rather than commenting on it for now, I’ll just leave it for you to absorb, and we can discuss it in the comments. Share... read more

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