Mike Huckabee is Economical with the Truth on the Iran Deal

This morning (9am Tuesday NZ time, 5pm Monday EST) I watched GOP presidential contender and former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee on Fox New’s The Five trying to defend his recent comments about the Iran Nuclear Deal. I’ve always struggled to watch Huckabee – there are even occasions when I’ve literally felt physically ill listening to his revolting comments. One of those moments... read more

Saints and Sinners: 26 July 2015 – Sam Lotu-Iiga and Mexico

This is a new weekly feature I’m introducing – I’m hoping that I’ll keep it up and it’ll mean I’m posting something at least once a week. I’ve been pretty slack lately – just this week I’ve written half of three articles, but none got to a publishable standard. None are too time-sensitive, so hopefully I’ll get them finished and posted next week.... read more

‘Why Evolution Is True’ Visualized: Parts I and II

The MassComprehension channel on YouTube is gradually releasing Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution is True Audio Book as a Video Book. The first two parts have just been released, and so far a great job has been done of visualizing the book, and the nine minute clips are an easily digestible length to use as a learning resource also. Newsweek named Why Evolution is True one of the “50 books of our... read more

Beautiful New Zealand VIII: Home of Middle Earth

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan you’ve probably already seen this, and if you’re not, you’re probably not interested. However, I’m going to post it anyway because the background scenery in the movies really does a great job of showcasing New Zealand. Now I am a fan of the movies, and I’ve even read The Hobbit, but I still gaze in wonder at people like my nephew Hamish... read more

The Relationship between the Crusades and Pilgrimage in Medieval Europe

  The Crusades carried out by Western Christendom in the Middle East (there were also Christian crusades within Europe) during the Middle Ages continue to cast a blight over the relationship between the West and the Muslim world to this day. Armies from the West are routinely labelled as crusaders, linking them with the atrocities carried by those soldiers from hundreds of years ago in their... read more

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